Too much Hope?

This is a story about how Hope Matthews found love. Can she find real love, or will people just like her because of her secret?


5. cake fixes everything...

By the end of class i was surprised to find that i didn't hate Max as much as i initially thought i would. He was actually kinda funny and a FREAK at art. so we spent the whole class drawing crappy portraits of each other and picking on Lucas. I discreetly looked over at him a few times during the class, only to find him looking more and more pissed each time.


I was determined to know what got his panties in a twist.


As soon as the bell went, signalling that class was officially over. I picked up my stuff, said a short goodbye to Max and ran up to Lucas. He wanted to be roommately ill show him roommately...


"sup?" I say casually bumping my hip into his thigh since he was at least a foot taller than me.


He looked at me and continued walking. 


"Dude, whats your problem?" I stop him from moving by standing right in front of him with my hands on my hips. 


"whats my problem?! seriously!? what the actual hell is wrong with you?" He yelled and i took a few steps back. Shit he's mad. Now i really want to know whats gotten his nickers in a twist.


"YOUR AN ANOREXIC FREAK THAT MAKES OUT WITH ME THEN PROCEEDS TO ACT LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED!!" He screams in my face, spitting a little as he goes. he storms off. 


I stand there and look at my arms, thin and boney. I touch my collar bones and shudder in disgust. Im too thin, anorexic even. But i never though of myself being fat. Never hated myself for eating. But then again i never really ate anything either, always too busy with school and homework.


Now that i think about it i haven't eaten since before i got here. 


I run, i don't really know where i'm running to but as long as i find somewhere where i can just eat until i puke and then eat some more, i don't really care. 


I spot a cafe in the distance and run strait for it, flinging the doors open and quickly sliding into a booth in the most deserted part of the restaurant i could find. My hand shoots up in the air and a lady soon strolls over. 


"what can i get you hun? you look upset, everything alright?" she was probably in her early 20s and seemed extremely nice, so i decided to not snap hear head off.


"I want the fattiest thing you have" i say with a little bit of sternness in my voice. she smiles and walks into the kitchen.


"here you go hun, its not the fattiest thing we have here but its the best for when your hurting" she sets down a plate with a huge slab of chocolate cake with, icecream, cream, chocolate chips, M&Ms, freckles, strawberry and chocolate topping and a cup of coco. 


"if i eat this will it make me gain weight?" i ask knowing what the answer will be, but just wanting to hear her say it. 


"well yes, it does have a lot of calories so if you eat it and don't exercise it'll probably make you gain a bit of weight" she looked at me sadly. 


"Good" Was all i said before i shoved a huge spoonful of goodness into my mouth...



ugh crappy i know but its all i got for now.

i dont mean any offence to anyone that may have had or still does have anorexia.



Love you all, my lovely readers! <3



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