Too much Hope?

This is a story about how Hope Matthews found love. Can she find real love, or will people just like her because of her secret?


7. AN/

Okay, so first of all I'm sorry this isn't a chapter :( I just need some feedback on an idea.


So I was thinking of maybe adding another POV? Just a few throughout the book to explain how Lucas is feeling and just to fill in a few gaps in the story. 

Please, please let me know if you think this would be a good idea or if it would just be to confusing and pointless.


If I get feedback for this, the next chapter will probably be up sometime Saturday. But if i don't get feedback i'm going to make an executive decision and then put it up sometime Sunday. 

Once again, i'm sorry this isn't another chapter but i would really appreciate the help!


Thanks guys!

Kate :)

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