You & I

Harry and Louis go into a strip club and Harry finds a girl named Megan. They Harry is in love with Megan but Megan isn't. When she walks out she meets a guy that everybody knows all over the world. They spend lots of time together and sooner or later, Harry finds out. Will there be a guy.vs.guy fight? Will there be a jealousy range?
Please read this story!!!!!! And also this little chappie from the story.

Who did this to you? He screamed at me. N-Niall I just can't! I said back. I wanted to tell him but I didn't have the guts to say it. Babe, you are covered with blood, scars, and tears! I want to know you did this too you now! I-I-I- just can't Niall! Tell me you little bitch! Tears fell out of my eyes. Why did he say that? I-I- I'm sorry babe I didn't mean it! I looked at him horrified, tried to push myself up and run away, but I fell back down again, hard. P-please Niall don't. I whisper. Babe? He asks. Yes? I say to him softly. I love you. I love you too. And I will always love you. I faintly whisper Then as soon as I know it his smooth buttery lips were pressed against mine. It lasted for some time until I had my final moments of breath

Ps sorry for the shitty summary- but please please read this! Luv yew ������������������������


3. Do you dare to do this?

Harry's POV

Finally it's my turn. I said. I sat down in the chair and waited for the girl to come up. She was a very skinny lad with brownish blondish hair, blue eyes, and tan/gold skin.

"Hi" the girl said to me "what would you like?" She says while closing the door (we were in a room). " lap dance, grind and strip please. If it's not a lot to ask for" I say to her. "No,no, not at all!" She exclaimed. She sat down on my legs and started to grind. I let out a little moan. "so what's your name?" She asked me. "Harry styles. What's your name?" I ask her back. "Megan". She said quickly. "Last *moan* name?" "I won't say" she giggled. "Ok fine" I say sarcastically. She starts to grind harder and harder making my dick twist and twist then I couldn't help it- I had a boner. My dick was out straight probably in her pants. "Did you just have a boner?" She asked. "I could help it" I say. A few seconds later my dick became normal again. Megan started grinding harder and harder and harder. I started hold onto her hips helping direct where to go. "Control your dick hun" she said to me. I"-I can't help it I told you it just happens!" "Ok. What do you want me to do now?" She stopped "whatever you want to do" "I'll do strip lap dance now" "ok" and I was prepared. I even had my pants unzipped if she wanted to take them off. She got back on me with her butt touching my dick. Her hips were swaying left and right, left and right, I tried to also move in her movement, I tried to make her bounce on me. She started to do that. I let out a big moan. "You got a lot of moans there don't you?" Megan asked me. "I guess I do". She turned around, stopped and looked at my pants. I had another boner and it was wet over there. I might've pissed my myself while she was grinding. "We'll looks like you pissed! I'm not gonna sit on piss! Yuck! You got to take of your pants Harry!" She told me. I was hoping she was going to say her. "Can you do it?" I asked with my puppy eyes. "Oh my Harry your such a baby!" *yes!* I thought to myself. She started taking of my pants slowly. When she was done she got right back to the lap dance. She started touching my dick while I was holding her hips making her hit me. She took of her top. She grabbed my hands and ran it on all over her stomach. "You like that?" She asked. I nod my head like an idiot. She started making me take off her skirt. I touched her panties. Thin lace. Naughty minded I see. "Want more?" She took my shirt off. Unbuttoning one by one till she got to the end. She touched my nips as she grinded more and more. I put my arms around her back as I tried to unclasp her bra and let's it hang with no back. I gently massaged her breasts as she let out a huge moan "I see you have the moans too!" " hey don't blame me!" She told me. I wasn't. I took of her bra and threw it across the room where out other clothes were,too. "U want to feel more?" She asks again."Yes." She took my hands again and rubbed her self around her waist. I made my fingers go lower into her panties where I tried to touch her wet opening. She took of her panties and my briefs. We were now bare naked. We both got onto the couch that was near us. I got on top of her. She tried to tease me by massaging the end of my dick and running the tip over her wet opening. I got tired with it and tried to do more. I grabbed my dick and started wiggling it everywhere. Especially inside her cilt. "Harry?" "Yes?" "Fuck me already". I did. Long time. I made her give a moan. Then I started to kiss her on the neck. Then i went all the way down to her breasts. I kissed them them gently sucked them. She let out another moan. We kissed more until I realized something- "WHAT TIME IS IT?" She took out her phone. "Oh my god it's been over an hour and a half" she threw her phone down. "WHAT! SHIT! LOUIS!" I quickly got of the bed and got in all of my clothes and ran out of the room. "Here's my num-" I ran out and didn't hear anything she said.i started looking for Louis. "LOUIS?!" I yell out. "LOUIS WHERE ARE YOU?" "I'm right here chillax" "Louis- where were you?" "The real question is WHERE were YOU?!" I stared out into la-la-land thinking about Megan. Lou snapped in from of my face. I woke up.

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