You & I

Harry and Louis go into a strip club and Harry finds a girl named Megan. They Harry is in love with Megan but Megan isn't. When she walks out she meets a guy that everybody knows all over the world. They spend lots of time together and sooner or later, Harry finds out. Will there be a guy.vs.guy fight? Will there be a jealousy range?
Please read this story!!!!!! And also this little chappie from the story.

Who did this to you? He screamed at me. N-Niall I just can't! I said back. I wanted to tell him but I didn't have the guts to say it. Babe, you are covered with blood, scars, and tears! I want to know you did this too you now! I-I-I- just can't Niall! Tell me you little bitch! Tears fell out of my eyes. Why did he say that? I-I- I'm sorry babe I didn't mean it! I looked at him horrified, tried to push myself up and run away, but I fell back down again, hard. P-please Niall don't. I whisper. Babe? He asks. Yes? I say to him softly. I love you. I love you too. And I will always love you. I faintly whisper Then as soon as I know it his smooth buttery lips were pressed against mine. It lasted for some time until I had my final moments of breath

Ps sorry for the shitty summary- but please please read this! Luv yew ������������������������


11. Damn girl

Harry's POV

She might want to have sex again? I thought. I don't really know I'll just wait and see if she gets on my laps that'll explain. I was remembering the song hips don't lie by Shakira. I listened to the tune in my head-"Oh hips don't lie" --they don't. Especially hers. They grind perfectly- in the right places also.

She took off her heels. She was wearing tights and a short tight dress. She lifted her dress so I can see the tip of her vag. She held her hands up in the air then put them on her cilt. She rubbed her self with it and danced up and down with an invisible pole. I sat down on the couch. I can enjoy this. I took of my short so the only thing that was on was my briefs.

She climbed onto my lap. Our organism were touching and rubbing against each other. She placed her hands on my shoulders to grind.

Damn girl I thought.

" oh oh sexy chick- oh sexy chick- DAMN GIRL!"

I had another tune from another song.

I kissed her jaw as she moaned. She took off her hands from my shoulder and placed them on my face to kiss me-a lot.

Our kiss.

"Treasure! That is what you are! Your my shining star! You can make my wish come true! If you'll let me treasure you oooh ohh oh oh!" Ok seriously what is with al these songs in my head?!?!

I love her! Did I mention that I love her?! She's sexy, I love how we sex, I love her body, I love everything about her!

"Damn girl you so fuckin' fine'." I tell her

"As for you styles" she got off of my legs. I got up in shock

"why did you stop I didn't cum yet?!?!"

"Relax!" She held her hand out in the stop it position.

"I'm not even CLOSE to DONE!" "And once you cum I'll know what to do ok?" "Ok" I blushed.


Sup mannnn✌️ wuz up? I am stuck. I have no idea what to write!!!! Gaaaaahhhhh! I'll just write down how I feel about my fucking friend😠😑

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