Me And Niall Forever

Sarah and Niall were happy as just friends. But, little did she know that he wanted a little bit more. He wanted her to be his princess. Will Sarah and Niall get together or will Sarah just want to be friends? Find out in Me and Niall Forever.......... This story is just a flash back. The sequel will be current day.i hope you like it


1. Will You Be My Girlfiend?

Sarah's pov:

I woke up and saw that i had a text on my phone and decided to see who it was from. It was Niall. Yay. I missed him he had been on tour for five months and we had only texted, skyped, and talked on the phone. I decided to text him back.

(a/n N-Niall S-Sarah (me))

N- hey im back ill pick u up at 5 k?

S- ya i missed you niall im glad ur back

N- ya i missed u 2 c u at 5 bye

S- bye

I looked at the clockand saw that it was already 3. That leaves me enough time to eat a snack and get ready. I go down stairs and look through my cabnets, trying to find something to eat. I need to go to the store. But, one problem with that, I'm broke. I need to find a job so i can get some money. I decided that I'll try to find a job tomorrow.I finnally found some crackers and got some cheese out of the fridge. I finished my snack quickly and checked the time. It was already 4:30 Crap! I get up to go get ready. I take a shower and when i get out, I dried my hair. Then, I put on my favorite outfit and Niall's favorite outfit on me. It was the shirt Niall got me for my birthday last year. It was black withthe words 'Future Mrs. Horan' on the front. I also put on my favorite black skinny jean (which i was surprised that they fit when i tried them on at the store becAuse no skinny jeans fit me I'm not saying I'm fat, I just have a big butt which i can't help because it runs in my family). Then I put on my red converse. When i was done, I curled my hair and clipped my bangs back because they tend to fall inmy face all the time. I put onsome hairspray because it was humid AND windy outside today. When I was done, I grabbed a jacket and checked the time. It was 4:50. So, i grabbed some more crackers and cheese because I was starving. I finished my snack at 4:59 so, I grabbed my phone and my keys and went outside to wait for Niall. When he got here, I got into his car because he said we were taking his car. "Where are we going, Niall?" I asked. "That's for me to know and you to find out. Now close your eyes! We're almost there!" he said really excited. I did as I was told and I feltthe car stop signaling that we were there. Niall got out and came around to my side to help me out scince I had my eyes closed. "Don't bump me into anything Niall please." I said. "Don't worry. I won't," he said. We stopped and I heard music playing. Speciffically Timber by Pitbull. I started singing because it was one of my favorite songs but quickly stopped realizing what i had done. "What's wrong? Why did you stop?" he asked. "I don't like to sing in front of people." I said. "Oh, ok." he said. It started getting a little akward. Just then Say Something by A Great Big World came on. "Sarah?" he said. "Ya Niall?" I asked. "Do you love me?" he asked. "Of course i do Niall!" I said shocked that he would ask this. "Do you love me enough to be my girlfriend?" he asked nervously. "Yes Niall. I do." I said sweetly. Then we started slow dancing. After the song was over we ate some spagetti (he said he had Harry make the spagetti even though I don't know the boys I still know their names). "Niall?"I said in between bites of spagetti. "ya?" he said. " When am I gonna get to meet the boys?"

"I don't know. They ……" he trailed off. "They what?" "They're really rowdy (a/n we all know this is true most of the time)" "I don't mind Niall. I had to deal with a little brother who was and still is six years younger than me. I think I can handle a few boys Niall." "Ok. I'll take you to meet them tomorrow then." "Yay!" I squealed. He giggled at my enthusiasm. After a while we both started getting tired so Niall took me to his house for the night since we were closer to his house than mine. I stayed in his guest bedroom and borrowed some of his swets to wear as pajamas for the night. I fell asleep as soon as I got comfortable.

Niall's pov:

Sarah looks so cute when she's asleep. she looks even cuter when sh's asleep in my sweats. I'm glad she agreed to be my girlfriend. I love her so much.I'll never let anyone hurt her.

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