Me And Niall Forever

Sarah and Niall were happy as just friends. But, little did she know that he wanted a little bit more. He wanted her to be his princess. Will Sarah and Niall get together or will Sarah just want to be friends? Find out in Me and Niall Forever.......... This story is just a flash back. The sequel will be current day.i hope you like it


2. Meeting The Boys

~~~The Next Day~~~

I was woken up by someone shaking me gently. I rubbed my eyes and saw that it was Niall. "Good morning Nialler!" I said. "Morning! You have a nickname for me. Now I need a nickname for you." he said giggling. His giggle is so cute. I giggled too. "How about .... Sasa (saysay) or Sarah bear?" I said still giggling. "I like Sarah bear." he said sweetly. He leaned in and so did I. We shared a passionate kiss. I felt sparks when I kissed him. I didn't feel sparks with anyone else that I've ever dated. There weren't that many guyes in my past though. I pulled away and sayed that we should get up. He groaned and i laughed at that. Then again, I don't want to get up either but oh well. After we had breakfast, Niall dropped me off at my house so I could get ready to gomeet the boys and then go look for a job. I picked out my clothes and took a shower. I got out, dried my hair and dressed in my outfit for the day which consisted of my second favorite shirt which was pink and had a bird on it and said 'Creative Chicks Rule!' on the front in sparkly orange letters. It also drooped off of my shoulder (I had a cami on under it). Then, I put on some black shorts to go with it. I did my hair and light makeup. Then, I went down stairs to watch some tv. Niall and I had agreed on metting at the park up the street from my house at 10. It was only 9:30. I decided to come back after I meet the boys and change into something else so I could find a job. I also decided to go ahead and go to the park. I grabbed myphone and my keys and left to walk to the park since it wasn't that far and Niall would probably want us to take his car. When I got to the park, I decided to text Niall and tell him i was already at the park and that I didnt mind waiting for him to get ready and come to the park.I sat on the swing and started swinging.I heard a car pull up and looked to see who it was.Thank goodness it was Niall. I thought it would be a rapist or something. "Hey Niall."I said. "Hey."he said back. "Are you ready to go?" "Ya I am."I replied excitedly. "Ok come on then." "Coming." I jumped off the swing considering I was like ten feet in the air. I landed on my feet impressing both Niall and myself. I had never done that before and even if I had Niall didnt see it. I got in the car and he turned the radio on. "Ooh I love this song. Turn it up please."I said. He turned it up. It was my absolute favorite song EVER, The Man Who Can't Be Moved by The Script. I was glad that the song just came on. I sang along the entire time it played. "You sing beautifully."Niall said when the song was over. "Thanks. I already knew that though."I said. We both laughed the rest of the way to the boys house. (A/n btw I say house/apartment not flat I'm American not British) We sang along to a few other songs and then we were there. When we got there, we went inside.

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