Me And Niall Forever

Sarah and Niall were happy as just friends. But, little did she know that he wanted a little bit more. He wanted her to be his princess. Will Sarah and Niall get together or will Sarah just want to be friends? Find out in Me and Niall Forever.......... This story is just a flash back. The sequel will be current day.i hope you like it


3. harrys daughter

we walked into nialks apartmant harry louis liam and zayn were already there harry was talked to a girl se looked o be about 13 nialler introduced meto everyone hi im sarah we went aroun hi im zatn liam louis and harry then tye girl said hi im gracie harrys daughter .... sorry it took so long to write i was spending alot if time with school and my bestue gracie she bgged me to be in tye story plz comment im goona let gracie write a story let nw know what u think

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