Me And Niall Forever

Sarah and Niall were happy as just friends. But, little did she know that he wanted a little bit more. He wanted her to be his princess. Will Sarah and Niall get together or will Sarah just want to be friends? Find out in Me and Niall Forever.......... This story is just a flash back. The sequel will be current day.i hope you like it


4. A/n

Hey my beautiful unicorns! I'm probably gonna discontinue this story. I'm sorry but I just haven't gotten into it and I've also had writters block so I'm sorry but this story isn't gonna go on 😥😰😓😢 But on the bright side I'm starting a new stories😃😄😀😋😺😸 theres gonna be 'I Ran Away With The Doctor' Luv u all my unicorns c u soon

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