18 year old, Alex is graduating soon and she meets a nice boy named, Niall. They end up falling for each other and he takes her to her Prom, even though she wasn't going before. After graduating, she's ready for moving out and tries to find a new place to call home, but she has always had a problem with living on her own. Will Niall let her live with him and the boys, or will she get over her fears and get her own house? (Sorry for anyone who originally read this!)


3. Heart Attack

"Alright, so we just did my least favourite thing and bought clothes I'm only going to wear once... Great job, by the way. You got me out of my room." I muttered.

"Well, thank you, for starters, and you needed a new outfit for your date!" Maddie said. 

I ended up getting ripped skinny jeans, a one strapped dark blue shirt, and I had to convince them to let me buy sneakers instead of heels. I tried to shoo them out of my room so I could get ready. 

"No! I have to do your make up! I promise only to do it lightly!" Kate said.

"Ya, I can do your hair!" Maddie said. I rolled my eyes. 

*10 Minutes Later*

I actually looked really good. I have a good taste in fashion, but I hated it on me. Maddie straightened my hair and clipped back the bit of hair that hung in front of my eye. Kate did a good job on making it look like I didn't really have any make up on. 

"Now leave, I need to get dressed and wait for him! Shoo!" I said. 

They scurried out and home. I got dressed and sighed. I couldn't believe I was doing this. I waited while listening to music. I got a text. 

Niall: I'm on my way! ;) Bet you'll look great!

Me: Oh, I do! My friends wouldn't let me leave my room until I did! :)

I smiled to myself and played 'Timber' By: Ke$ah and Pitbull. He pulled up in my drive way.

"BYE! I'm going out with a friend!" I said. I ran out of the house and over to Niall's car. 

"You look amazing." He said. I felt the blood rush to my cheeks and I smiled down at my feet. He smiled.

*After Dinner*

We had a great time. My first actual date.

"You're quite stunning." He said as we got into his car. He took my hand his. 

The blood rushed to my cheeks. He smiled at me. He drove me home with a smile on his face. I looked at him periodically and he'd smile at me. He parked in my driveway. 

"Thank you. This has been the greatest night ever." I said and kissed his cheek. His face reddened when I did. I waved to him as he pulled out of my driveway. I ran inside and up to my room. I threw on my pyjamas. I got a text from some random person. 

N/A: If you don't show up at the school in 5 minutes, I'll go get you.

I kinda panicked and ran out. I was at the school. I was never smart when it came to threats. Something cold was against my head. A gun.

"Scream and you're screwed." A man said. I started to cry.

"What do you want!?" I demanded, trying to said as brave as I could.

"Just keep your mouth shut." He said.

I tried to run, but I was shot. Out cold. I did't know if I was died.

Niall's POV:

I was out for a small walk and passed the local school. That's when I stopped dead in my tracks. I just watched Alex being shot. As she was being tied up, I grabbed the dropped gun. I wasn't going to shot, I just hit the man over the head and knocked him out. I felt down to my knees next to Alex, tears escaping my eyes. I was kneeling in her blood. I picked her up and covered the bullet hole with my sweater. I ran to the hospital. I ran in. I begged for help and they took her into a room. She was barely breathing and I was in a panic. 

*2 Hours Later*

The doctor came out. He looked at me and motioned for me to follow. I stood up and followed him.

"Is she alright?" I asked. 

"She's not well. 2 more inches to the right and she would've been shot in the heart, causing a slow and painful death. Right now she's in a coma she may not wake up from. She could die in her sleep. If she is to awake, she might have some memory lose." He said.

"May I see her?" I was shaky. He lead me into a room. She was laying in a bed so peacefully. I walked up to her side. 

"I'll leave you alone." He said, closing the door. 

There were so many things attached to her. So many bad memories came back from when I was a child. I fell to my knees beside her and took her hand with a squeeze. Tears escaped my eyes. I was staying by her side until the day she died, which may be soon. I was hungry, but I stayed where I was. I loved her, I didn't want to leave her unless I had to. I sat beside her, I wasn't leaving.

"Please be OK... I can't live without you!" I whispered.


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