Spade Princess

Alex hasn't seen her brother in years. Her dad was sent to prison when she was younger and her mom died not to long ago. WIthout any family members left Alex now lives in a giant house all alone. But... One night a man breaks into her home and makes her go with him? Where is Alex going?


4. Who's the Traitor??

“Wake up you two!” Someone said. I jumped off of Ace and landed on my feet in front of the bed with my fur standing up. Tamaki was standing there. I winced and fell over. I stayed on my back and looked up at him.

“You scared the crap out of me!” I hissed at him. Tamaki rolled his eyes.

“Sorry for waking you, you did look extremely comfortable.” He said in an aggravated tone.

“Pick me up, I can’t sand.” I said. Tamaki slowly picked me up and held me in his arms. I rubbed against him.

“Next time I will sleep on your chest.” I said with a purr. I licked the side of his face and he actually blushed.

 I laughed and then got serious. “Aren’t there any girls here my age?” I asked.

Tamaki nodded still blushing. “There is Madeline.” He said. I nodded.

“Get her in here stat.” I ordered. Tamaki raised an eyebrow.

“I need someone to help me get dressed, and there’s no way I’m letting one of you two help me.” I said.

Ace even blushed at this. Were they picturing me naked? Tamaki nodded, set me down next to Ace and left the room to find Madeline. Ace sighed.

“Well I will help you with everything else besides bathroom, shower and changing.” Ace said with a protective look.

What is with him all the sudden? Doesn’t he hate me? Tamaki walked in at that moment with a girl who I suspected to be Madeline. She had green hair and a tattooed arm. With the add on of a nose piercing.

She smiled at me and then turned to the boys.

“Get out! You cannot watch a lady change!” She hissed at them.

They nodded and slowly walked out the door. I changed back to human form and Madeline helped me into some ripped jeans and a camo tank top.  She even curled my hair for me. I smiled and thanked her as she left. Almost right when she was out of sight Ace walked in. He looked me up and down and blushed. I raised an eyebrow and he just shook his head.

“It’s nothing.” was all he said as he sat down next to me.

“You broke your foot and your hand is pretty scratched up. Why did you go berserk when you saw the marks?” He asked. I shrugged.

“The marks made me mad. It was like I wanted to tear them out of my skin! It was as if they were taunting me. My mother used to say….” I started but stopped with a gasp.

 Ace looked worried. “What’s wrong?” He asked

. I started to have trouble breathing. “My... Mom… knew this would happen! She told me the spades will take me!” I said with tears coming to my eyes.

Ace put his arms around me and I dug my face into his shirt.

“She said the spades would come and take me away…. What if people are actually coming? What am I going to do?” I asked as I cried.

Ace patted my back comfortably. “I won’t let anyone touch you.” He said with his voice hard.

“Thank you. Do you think the spade on me means I’m their property? Is that what Ciel meant by the curse has started? Like, I’m old enough for them to take me?” I asked.

Ace shook his head. “How would you all the sudden be old enough?” He asked.

I gasped. “My birthdays tomorrow!” I said. Ace’s eyes went wide.

“Ciel must have not known that either. I was told your birthday was about three months from now.” He said.

 I nodded. “I found out my own birthday only about four years ago. It was a couple years after Natsu left so he doesn’t know either.” I said.

“Then maybe on your birthday they will come!” Ace said with fear in his eyes. I nodded.

“You are probably right.” I said near tears. Ace hugged me tightly.

“Don’t worry we won’t let them touch you. Plus we will have a big celebration for your birthday today.” Ace said playing with a strand of my hair.

“Hey Ace, how old are you?” I asked against his shoulder.

“I’m eighteen.” He said.

“I’m going to be sixteen tomorrow.” I said. Ace looked shocked.

“You look at least eighteen.”  He said. I glared at him.

“Well I sure do like hearing that I look older than I am!” I said sticking my tongue out at him.

 “Well we better go tell Ciel about the information we’ve uncovered.” Ace said standing up.

“How am I going to walk?” I asked.

Ace smiled. “I have something for that.” He said and went out into the hallway. He came back with a pair of crutches that looked totally awesome!

“Whoa! Those are totally tricked out! Who decorated them?” I asked as he handed them to me.

“Natsu and Joe decorated them. They said this was the stuff you loved. You know Ciel and Natsu are the ones that decorated your room too.” He said.

I nodded. “I kind of guessed that.” I said. I tried out my crutches and they were really easy to use since I’d broken my foot on more than one occasion.

 We walked down the hallways and into a big conference room. Ciel’s expression looked really sad…. Almost regretting. I crutched over to him.

“Hey Ciel.” I said. Ciel nodded at me.

“Good to see you are here now we can get started. Please take a seat.” He said.

I sat down next to Ace. “I really don’t know how to explain this curse Alex so I will just start with…” Ciel started but I cut him off.

“I know about the curse my mom told me about it and the Spades are coming tomorrow since it’s my sixteenth birthday, but what I don’t know is why me?” I asked.

Ciel looked shocked that I knew so much and the fact that it’s my birthday tomorrow, but still answered. “Your mom was a daughter of the spades.”

I gasped. “My….mom…. was their daughter!?” I practically yelled.

Ceil nodded. I shook my head in disbelief. “H-how is that possible?” I stammered.

Ciel looked away. “Your mother was the daughter of not just any Spade but the most powerful one, Shadow. Your father was not a spade so Shadow became very angry. He thought anyone other than spades were worthless.  He killed your father and then learned that your mom was pregnant. He cursed the baby, made it where it would be taken away on their 16th birthday. After you were born your mom only had twelve more years to live. Shadow was so disappointed in her that he wanted her to raise you partially and then have her die.” Ciel told us.

I could feel tears stinging my eyes. “Why couldn’t she just tell me this!? All she told me when I was about to turn twelve was the real day of my birthday and that the spades would come!” I choked back tears.

“Also, why didn’t she tell me about my dad? I thought he was in prison! Prison! That’s not even close to what happened!” I burst into tears.

Ace pulled me to him and held me tight.

Ciel tried to smile. “At least we get to have your birthday party before the war.” I looked at him sideways.

“War? What do you mean?” I asked. At this Ciel actually grinned.

“We are not giving you up without a fight. We all love you. I mean this place is way more fun with you here. It’s usually all boring, with paperwork and the occasional videogame. But, with you here it’s loud and crazy! There’s no way we are giving you up.” Ciel stated. I smiled and hugged Ciel tightly.

“Thank you so much Ciel. I’m so glad I got to see you again. If I wouldn’t have come here I would have to go through this alone.” I told him.

Ciel pulled away and started to cry, I couldn’t help but cry either, even Ace looked close to tears! When we finished our cry fest, we went to announce my birthday party. 

Right when we walked out Natsu ran at me and hugged me. “Alex I hope you are ok! Hey! Where are your crutches?” Natsu asked seeing I didn’t have them.

“I heal quickly bro.” I said ruffling his hair. Natsu grinned.

“That’s so cool! I wish I had powers like you do!” Natsu exclaimed.

I looked at Ace who had been standing beside me. “But there is also what you have to give up to have powers as well.” I said.

Ace looked at me questionably but I just shook my head. “What do you have to give up?” Natsu asked. 

I looked down at him near tears. “After I’m twenty I will be stuck in my tiger form forever.” I told him.

Natsu gasped and Ace looked shocked. “But…. What will you do!? You can’t be stuck like that!” Natsu exclaimed.

Tamaki and everyone else stared at us. I had begun to cry. “I….I don’t know!” I said bursting even further into tears.

I turned into a tiger cub and crawled into a ball. “I don’t want to be stuck in one form and I never asked to be like this!” I exclaimed but I wasn’t finished yet.

“It’s all mom’s fault if she hadn’t done this to me I would be fine! But, no! She did this to me while I was sleeping! Sleeping damn it! I had no opinion in the matter! The bitch just did as she pleased with my life! I was just her little pawn!” I screamed.

I heard gasps and murmurs around the room. I could hear Natsu start to cry and I felt a pang of guilt. I looked up to see Natsu, but he was looking at his feet as his tears hit the ground. I felt more tears come and I jumped onto the table. I grabbed a blanket off a chair. I changed into a human and held the blanket against my body.

“I am sorry to have come here. I ruined everything. I make everything happy one minute and then everyone mad or sad the next. I will leave. I am sorry to have been and inconvenience.”

I jumped off the table and ran into my room. I slipped on my clothes and started stuffing stuff into my bag I slid on my weapons belt and grabbed my gun. I ran out the door and out of the fortress.  I tried thinking about what Ciel had said about how I brought happiness but I couldn’t see how that’s true. I ran and ran and ran. I heard a voice call my name but I kept running. I held back tears all the way but when I reached town I finally fell to the ground and let tears come. I heard the sound of footsteps and not to long after a tap on the shoulder. I do not look up but I know who it is.

“Why did you come after me!? All I did was cause a ruckus! I don’t deserve to be there. I deserve to have the spades take me away! My mom made me a monster! Leave me alone! I know you hate me too!” I yelled at the person who tapped me.

No, I didn’t want to believe he hated me but it must be true. He must have been told to be really nice to me. My thoughts were interrupted when he pulled me to my feet and made me look into his eyes.

“You are no monster Alex. You are an angel. You are fun and loving and full of energy. We all love you, I love you.” He says and he kisses me.

It is a wonderful kiss I would have felt in a dream. “Ace.” I mutter against his lips.

Ace laughs softly and kisses me again.

“I love it when you say my name.” he murmurs. We are interrupted by a loud bang. We both turn and see Tamaki holding a gun.

“T-Tamaki…. What are you doing here?” I stumble at my words while looking at his gun. Tamaki laughed.

“You still haven’t figured that out yet? Here’s a hint.” Tamaki said and a spade appeared on his forehead.

I gasped and Ace made an odd noise. My hands flew to my belt and I quickly pulled out my pistol. Tamaki didn’t look impressed and snapped his fingers. More men came and I had nothing to do but put my hand down. Two men grabbed Ace and before I could say anything two men grabbed me as well. Tamaki grinned and walked towards me. He lifted my chin and kissed both side of my mouth. I grinded my teeth as Tamaki spoke.

“Oh my Alex, I didn’t want to get you in this manner but oh well. You are to come with me and be my bride.” Tamaki said in a whisper. I just got an idea!

“Hey Tamaki, you could have just asked me to marry you, you know. You’re the one I liked most; I just pretended to like Ace so he would stop yelling at me, pretty good acting huh?” I said in a purr.

Tamaki looked like he believed it and told his men to me go. I fell to the ground and looked up at Tamaki with a cute look on my face.

“Hey Tamaki, I have an embarrassing secret to tell you before we get married, can you bend down so I can whisper it in your ear.” I asked sweetly.

Tamaki nodded and kneeled down beside me. I put my lips to his ear and he groaned. Working! “I will not marry you even if it means my own life.” I whispered and raised my gun and shot him in the head.

Tamaki fell down in a pool of blood and his henchmen yelled. I quickly spun around and shot the rest as well.  When they were finally all gone I could feel the blood on me as well. The blood of the men had splashed on me and was now on my clothes, even a drop on my cheek. I turned to Ace who had a shocked expression on his face and grinned.

“I guess that’s over with, but they will probably be sending more men so come on.” I said taking his hand and started running. I ran and ran and ran until we were inside the fortress. 

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