Spade Princess

Alex hasn't seen her brother in years. Her dad was sent to prison when she was younger and her mom died not to long ago. WIthout any family members left Alex now lives in a giant house all alone. But... One night a man breaks into her home and makes her go with him? Where is Alex going?


3. What's a Spade?

I climbed up on Natsu's shoulders and looked at everyone else. They were staring at me….

“What you looking at?” I asked in a cold voice. Ace mouth was gaped open. Ciel held up a mirror. I climbed off Natsu’s shoulder and walked towards it. When I saw my reflection I hissed. On my forehead was a black spade. I paced back and forward.

“I wonder if I will have it in my human form. I will be right back.” I jumped off the table landing in full tiger form. I walked into the corner and picked up my clothes. I left the room and rushed back with my clothes on and in human form. I looked down and gasped. There were spades all down my arms!

I looked up to Ciel; he looked white as a ghost.

“Ciel, do you know what this means?” I asked quietly.

Ciel nodded and looked up into my eyes. “The curse has begun.”

Ciel said just where we could hear him. There were gasps all around the room. I barred my teeth. “What curse!? What have you not been telling me!?” I asked angrily.

Ciel simply shook his head. “It shouldn’t have happened this soon…” Ciel muttered to himself.

I paced back and forth and stopped in front of a body sized mirror. Spades were all on my arms it made me sick to look at them. I growled and punched the mirror; it shattered into tons of pieces. I could tell my hand was bleeding but I couldn’t feel any pain so I didn’t bother with it. I growled again and picked up a vase, I smashed it on the ground, right on my foot. Blood came oozing out of it as well.

 I looked up and saw everyone’s worried faces; they made me even sicker for some reason. I growled and kicked the wall with my bloody foot. I felt someone grab me from behind, I swung around. Ace. I growled but suddenly became sad. I fell into Ace’s arms crying.

He held me close and comforted me. It was the first time I ever felt completely safe. I dozed off, enwrapped in his arms.

I looked around, turning in circles. I was surrounded by spades. They spades grew and grew until I couldn’t see anything. I was in the darkness for about a minute before a picture appeared. That’s Ace! I gasped and ran to him. Why am I running to him? This guy makes me feel uneasy why am I going to him? Ace smiled as I came to him. Doesn’t he hate me? I kept running in spite of my thoughts. Quit running! Don’t run to him! Do you know how he makes you feel?! “Yes, I do. He makes me feel happy. I am in love with him.” I said out loud.

No he doesn’t! I jumped into Ace’s arms. I could feel his face in my hair, the fast beating of his heart. He pulled away slowly. Ace’s navy hair was tousled, his grey eyes full of love, and his pierced lip was in a huge smile. He leaned in to kiss me and I let him. I tried to move but my body wouldn’t listen to my commands. Ace kissed me…. And I kissed him back! It felt so right! I thought it would feel so wrong to kiss him but it felt perfect! Our kissing deepened but Ace suddenly pulled away. He looked into my eyes and whispered “Wake up.” I felt confused, but then I was sucked out of the dream. I awoke with a scream. I looked around; Ace and Joe were sitting on a couch with their eyes wide. Joe looked angry

. “You know you talk in you sleep.” He growled. I raised an eyebrow.

“Oh Ace. I love you! This is perfect!” Joe tried to mimic in my voice.

I growled and bolted up in bed. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I didn’t say anything like that in my dream. My dream was about me and my brother going hunting like the old days.” I yelled getting mad.

“You don’t have to get that mad about it…”  Joe said shrinking back against his chair.

I groaned and ran my hand threw my hair. “How long was I out” I asked.

“About four hours.” Ace said. I was about to respond when the door burst open and Natsu ran in, followed by everyone else

. Natsu’s face lit up when he saw me. “Alex!” He yelled jumping into my arms.

“I thought I heard you yell so I brought everyone with me!” Natsu said snuggling up against me.

“You had a big cut on your hand and foot. You passed out from blood loss.” Ciel said as he stepped up next to Ace.

I looked down and there was wrapping around my right hand and both my feet. There was only one spade mark on me and it was on my forearm.

“Whatever, where’s my room? I’m exhausted.” I said looking at Ciel.

He nodded. “Ace take Alex to her room.” He told him.

Ace nodded and motioned for me to follow. I winced when my left foot touched the ground. Ace turned and saw how I was walking. He slowed and fell into pace with me. He put an arm around me and told me to hold up my foot, I obliged. Ace helped me walk to the black door of my room. He opened the door and walked me in. Ace walked me to my bed and set me down.

“Ok, if you need anything hit that button.” Ace said indicating a button beside the bottom bunk.

“Don’t leave!” I said in spite of myself.

I didn’t want to be alone, but why did I want to be with him? Ace raised an eyebrow. “I hate being alone.” I said pouting.

Ace shrugged and sat on my bed besides me. “Lay down.” I said.

Ace’s eyes got big but he did as told. Change. I turned into a tiger and put my clothes at the foot of the bed. I crawled onto Ace and curled up on his chest.

 “Good night Ace.” I said relaxed.

“Good night Alex.” He said back as I drifted to sleep.

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