Spade Princess

Alex hasn't seen her brother in years. Her dad was sent to prison when she was younger and her mom died not to long ago. WIthout any family members left Alex now lives in a giant house all alone. But... One night a man breaks into her home and makes her go with him? Where is Alex going?


1. Intrude much?

“Natsu! Don’t do it!” I screamed at the boy in front of me.

He shook his head. “I’m sorry Alex. I have to do this.” He said and then he ran off.

“Natsu!!” I screamed the boy’s name and awoke as someone slapped me.

“Who did that?!” I yelled jumping to my feet. I looked around and saw a guy standing in my room.

“I’m Ace. My boss sent me to bring you to our hideout. Also, didn’t that slap hurt?” He asked.

shook my head. “I’ve taken a lot of punches. Anyhow who’s your boss?” I asked.

“It’s Ciel. So come on! It’s really important.” Ace said crossing his arm. I sighed.

“Yeah, whatever. At least let me get dressed.” I said. Ace nodded.

I got up and dug through my drawers till I found a black tank top and cargo pants. I quickly grabbed a belt and slipped into the bathroom. I slipped off my pajamas and slid into the clothes I had grabbed.

 I wonder what this Ciel guy wants with me. I put my belt through the loops of my pants and looked up into the mirror. Dang it! My hair! I quickly brushed my hair and put it in a braid. I walked back into my bedroom and picked up my socks and combat boots. I quickly slipped them on.

“So what type of group is in this hideout of yours?” I asked loading a gun.

I slipped it into my belt. “Can’t tell you. You have to come with me to find out.” He said with a mischievous grin.

I let out an angered breath and hooked a machete on my belt as well. “Almost done?” Ace asked. A grin tugged at the corners of my mouth.

“You don’t have a lot of patience for being someone who broke into to my house and slapped me in the face and is now taking me somewhere I don’t know.” I said hooking a bowie knife to my belt lastly. Ace made a ‘tsc’ sound.

 “You know who I’m taking you to. You just don’t remember them yet.” Ace said grinning at me. At some point he had come to stand next to me. I picked up my backpack which had a crossbow hooked to the back of it. It was full of ammo and other weapons. I picked up my notebook and slipped it in. I zipped up the bag and threw it on one shoulder. I grinned at Ace who was studying me.

“What are you staring at? Weren’t you the one telling me to hurry up?” I said and jumped out the window.

“Alex!” Ace screamed snapping into focus. It was about a twenty foot drop from my room. I landed on my feet on the ground outside. Ace came bursting out the door. He was sweating uncontrollably. His eyes burst out of his head when he saw me standing there completely fine.

“How did you jump from that height and still land on your feet?” Ace asked finding his voice. I laughed and showed him my teeth. They were scary sharp.

“I’m a tiger.” I said with a crooked grin. Ace shook his head.

“I don’t believe you.” He said.

 I grinned. “Oh, you could have just said you wanted more proof.” I said. I walked toward him dropping my backpack. I slipped off my belt my weapons falling to the ground. Ace backed up.

“Alex? What are you doing?”  Ace asked his face going red. I pouted.

“You said you wanted proof didn’t you? Are you taking that back?” I asked with a purr. Ace backed into a buildings wall. Change. I thought. I could feel myself shrink. Orange fog surrounded me. When the fog cleared I looked up at Ace, whom had a shocked look on his face. I pounced over to him and brushed my body up against his legs. Ace bent down and picked me up.

“Let’s get going Alex.” He said to me. I nodded. He set me down for a second to pick up my clothes and weapons belt. He slipped them all into my backpack. He slid my backpack on and picked me up into his arms.

“When you said you were a tiger I imagined a big and tough one not a cub.” Ace said laughing unsteadily. I glared at him and stuck my tongue out. Ace walked for about twenty minutes and then came up to a old warehouse.

“Here we are.” Ace said looking at the building.

“This is the hideout.” Ace walked up the steps and up to a guy standing at the door.

The guy had tattoos and a lip piercing. He looked like your typical delinquent. I looked at him sideways. He looked so cool. The guy pointed at me and then looked at Ace. Ace leaned in and whispered something in the guy’s ears. The guy nodded and stepped out of the way, letting us pass. I shifted in Aces arms so I could watch the guy as the doors closed. His eyes locked with mine and he had a shocked look on his face. What was that about? The doors closed and I shifted back so I was looking forward. Ace laughed. I looked at him questionably.

“What was with him? I’ve never seen Gray act like that.” Ace said trying to stop his laughter. I growled and he snapped to normal.

“Ok I got it! I won’t make fun of you! Just don’t bite or scratch me!” Ace said seriously. I huffed and looked away.

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