Spade Princess

Alex hasn't seen her brother in years. Her dad was sent to prison when she was younger and her mom died not to long ago. WIthout any family members left Alex now lives in a giant house all alone. But... One night a man breaks into her home and makes her go with him? Where is Alex going?


2. First impressions are important

 Ace walked up to one more door and opened it. Ciel was sitting on a couch and smiled when we entered. I grew into a full sized tiger so Ace had no choice but to let go of me.

“Ciel!” I yelled happily. Ciel’s grin grew as I jumped onto him.

He burst into laughter. “Ok, ok. I missed you to Alex. Can you turn human now?” Ciel asked hugging me.

Before I could respond Ace butted in. “You could be a full tiger this whole time? And you could talk? Plus you could have turned into a human at any time?” Ace asked angered.

I shrugged the best I could in my form. “If I were to grow I would have had to walk, same if I turned human. I felt lazy and the talking….. I just didn’t want to talk at the moment.” I said grinning. Ciel laughed. “That always was the Alex I knew.” He said. I walked over to Ace.

 “Give me my backpack I’m going to go change.” I said nodding at it on his back.

He slipped it off and I picked it up with my mouth. Ciel pointed me to a bathroom. I slipped in and left the boys to converse. I opened my bags and pulled out my clothes and shoes. I put them on as fast as I could. I grabbed my belt and slipped it on with my weapons. I really wasn’t expecting to see that Ciel here. I thought the names were just a coincidence.

I shrugged and slung my backpack on my shoulder. I walked back into the room unnoticed. I stood at the doorway so I could listen to their conversation. “How do you know her?” Ace demanded.

Ciel shrugged. “We are good childhood friends. We have known each other for about ten years. I lost contact with her for one year and totally went crazy and now I find out she’s a tiger. I’m not mad I’m just happy to see her again.” Ciel said with a smile.

Ace studied him. I decided to walk in now. “Hey guys, what you talking about?” I asked grinning.

 Ace looked at me with hard eyes. “About you actually.” He said. My grin spread wide. “Ooh, my favorite topic! You guys talking about how great I am already? How sweet!” I said looking at Ace whose face turned a deep shade of red.

I burst out laughing. When I could finally control myself Ciel tapped my shoulder. “Ace will show you your room so you can get settled. We will have dinner later and afterwards we will have a meeting you will be attending that.” Ciel said seriously.

I nodded. “Okay! Ace come on show me my room!” I said pushing him out the door. I followed closely behind Ace as he showed me the way. We finally reached a black door. “This is your room.” Ace said opening the door. I gasped.

Inside it was the perfect room I had dreamed about! I had a black bunk bed and the room was full of anime, gaming, and skateboards! With the add on of weapons. “So cool!” I said spinning in a circle. Ace nodded.

“I’ll come get you when it’s time for dinner you go ahead and get settled in.” Ace said walking out the door. I grabbed his wrist before he left.

“Ace thanks a whole bunch. I know I’ve been a little rude but that’s just my normal attitude to anyone I don’t know very well.” I said with a shrug releasing his hand. Ace nodded. “It’s alright. Well, see you at dinner.” He said and left. I grinned.

I better find some places I the house to hide changes of clothes. So if I want to walk around like a tiger I can change back quickly. I grabbed clothes and walked out of the room. I hid one pair in the plant, a pair by the book case, and many more in other places. I want to be a tiger now. Change. Orange smoke surrounded again and I quickly shrunk into a cub.

I picked up the clothes I was wearing and held them in my mouth. I held my head high and started my own tour through the house. I walked into what looked like a gaming room and saw a guy laying on the floor with a controller and staring up at the TV.

 I walked over and jumped onto his back, curling into a ball. “What game are you playing?” I asked looking at the TV.

“Call of Duty it’s totally awesome…..” He said but stopped when he realized who he was talking to.  He grabbed me off his back and sat up staring at me.

“Did you just talk?” the guy asked. I rolled my eyes.

“No, I was arm pit farting! What the hell did it sound like I was doing?” I asked getting enraged. “How come you can talk?” The boy demanded.

“Blah, blah, blah! Anyhow what’s your name dude?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“I’m Joseph. People call me Joe, and who are you?” Joe asked. “I’m Alex a friend of Ciel’s.”

I said studying Joe. His hair was red and had a black streak in it. He had deep blue eyes and short eye lashes. He had tattoos going up one arm and an ear piercing.

“You’re a friend of Ciel’s?” Joe asked as if it were impossible.

I nodded. “I’ll be right back with proof, just wait here.” I said and left the room I grabbed my clothes from under the couch and walked back in the room.

Joe sat there waiting. “Ok, you see how I look now?” I asked and Joe nodded.

“Okay. Now watch.” I said and stepped into the closet.

I changed and slipped my clothes on quickly. I opened the door to see Joe ‘shocked expression. “See, I’m a tiger and a human.” I said grinning.

“That’s so cool!” Joe said studying me.

“Yeah, I like to roam around in my tiger form though.” I said sitting down next to him.

“I have a question. How come you had to go into the closet when you changed?” Joe asked.

“That’s because I didn’t have any clothes on. That’s also why I had clothes in my mouth.” I said.

“Oh, okay. You want to play Call of Duty with me?” Joe asked holding out a controller. I nodded taking the controller.

 We played for about twenty minutes until Ace came in.

“Alex it’s time to eat.” He said as he entered.

“Ah! Really!?” I said disappointed. Ace nodded and noticed Joe.

“So you’ve met Joe, I see.” Ace said. I nodded.

“We were playing x-box. Joe’s face lit up with excitement.

“Alex is totally boss and Black Ops! She didn’t even lose one life in battle!” Joe said enthusiastically. I grinned.

“Come you two. It’s time to eat.” Ace said and started walking out the door. Joe hopped up beside me. “

You want a piggy back ride?” He asked. I smiled and nodded. I climbed onto his back and he ran ahead of Ace.

“Woo hoo!” I shouted.  Ace looked shocked to see us like that but started chasing after us. “I have an idea. I will change and you hop on my back ok?” I said. Joe nodded and kept running.

I jumped off his back and hit the ground as a full size tiger. I had my clothes in my mouth. Joe jumped on my back and hung on. I ran full speed and we got in the kitchen at no time. There were a lot of people in there. They stared at me and Joe. Joe climbed down and I shrunk into a cub. I batted my eyes at the people and meowed. One girl really close picked me up and cuddled me. It hurt but I pretended not to care. Everyone started fighting over who got to hold me and then Ace ran in. He glared at me. I whimpered and crawled closer to the boy holding me.

“Alex! Turn back to normal!” Ace commanded.

I shook my head and stuck my tongue out at him. Ace growled and stared at him. They probably all thought he was stupid! Yelling at a tiger cub!

“Alex! You want me to tell Ciel?” Ace asked with a serious face. I sighed and walked away from the boy.

I grew and grabbed my clothes in my mouth. I walked into the other room and walked back in human form and fully dressed. I glared at Ace.

“You really know how to ruin a fun time!” I barked. “There are rules here that you must learn! This is not a place where you can run around as you please!” Ace said.

“We were just having fun!” Joe interjected. Ace turned to Joe.

“You are as guilty as her so shut up you brat!” Ace snapped. I grabbed Joe and hugged him.

“Don’t be so mean.” I said with a hiss.

“Oh, I’m so scared! You’re going to go all tiger on me!” Ace said sarcastically. My teeth grew tiger size and I showed them. I could tell Ace was a little scared.

“Anyway… I don’t want to fight. I just want to eat and find out why Ciel wanted me here” I said waving him away. I grabbed Joes arm and pulled him over to two empty seats. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me.

“So are you the tiger that everyone was holding?” The boy who last held me asks. I smiled cutely and leaned on the table.

“Yep. I’m pretty cute huh?” I asked. Everyone nodded.

 “So how did you get to be how you are anyway? Ciel said he doesn’t know.” Ace said sitting next to me. I scooted more towards Joe so I could get away from him. I waved his question away.

“It’s a really long and painful story so I would rather not bring it up.” I said looking down. Joe put an arm around me and drew me closer. I laid my head on his shoulder. I looked up just as Grey walked in; I met his eyes for a moment.

“Hey I remember you, weren’t you a tiger earlier?” He asked. I nodded.

“Yep she’s the big trouble making cat.” Ace muttered. I punched him in the arm hard.

“Ow! That flipping hurt!” Ace said grabbing his arm.

“Now, now Alex. I know you don’t like him but don’t cause violence.” I heard a voice from the door say.

“Ciel!” I yelled and hugged him.

 “Now what was all that ruckus?” Ciel asked. I looked down and then into his eyes.

“Joe gave me a piggy back ride and Ace started chasing us so we ran, then I turned into a tiger and carried Joe here.” I said with a shrug.

“We were just having fun.” Ciel studied me for a moment then sat in front of me.

“You are permitted to have fun, but I will have Ace tell you the rules. He will be assigned as your helper.” Ciel said taking a bite of ribs. My mouth dropped open.

“How come it’s got to be this guy!? His rules are absolutely no fun!” I complained with a glare at Ace.

“That’s exactly the point. Ace is absolutely no fun. I want you to teach him to have fun and him to teach you to follow some rules.” Ciel said with a smile. I shrugged and went back to eating. I finished ten rib bones when Ciel said it was time for the meeting. Ciel, Ace and I walked out of the room and into the conference hall. Two guys I didn’t know were already there. They all stared at me as I walked in.

“That’s the tiger girl.” I heard one boys whisper.

 “She’s so cute!” Said another. I grinned and turned in their direction. I winked at them and blew them a kiss and continued on with Ciel and Ace. They led me to a table and sat down. I sat as far away from Ace as I could. Something about him made me feel so…. Unsteady.

“Alex!” I heard a familiar voice yell. I turned and saw my brother Natsu running to me. I jumped out of my seat and hugged him.

“It’s been so long since I’ve last seen you little bro!” I said holding him tightly. I let go of Natsu and studied him. He was almost an exact look alike of me.His black hair was straight and silky. His grey eyes and long eye lashes. The only difference was he wasn’t a cat; he was a normal 13 year old boy. I envied that about him. Natsu looked so happy. He leaned in and whispered into my ear.

“You know those guys you blew a kiss too? Well those are my friends. They are around your age though. They totally like you.” Natsu said wiggling his eye brows. I laughed and gave him a noogie.

“That’s my Natsu, always stating the obvious!” I said smiling. I sat down and Natsu crawled into my lap and cuddled up to me. I kept my arms around him. Natsu looked over at the group of boys from earlier, they were making phone signs.

“They want your phone number.” Natsu said grinning. I sighed.

“Again with stating the obvious.” I grinned and pulled out a piece of paper.

I wrote down my number and slipped it to Natsu.

“Give this to them.” I said. Natsu climbed off my lap for a second and walked over to the boys. They slapped him on the shoulder. I turned back to the table. Ace was staring at me. I frowned.

“Oh, I forgot you were here.” I said sounding disappointed.

“How come you don’t like me so much?” Ace asked pouting. I shook my head.

“I don’t know. There’s just something so unsettling about you.” I said studying him. Ace nodded but didn’t reply. I turned to Ciel.

“Who else is coming to the meeting?” I asked.

“Gray, Tamaki, Steve and John.” Ciel said. He pointed at the group of boys Natsu was talking to.

“The one with blonde hair is Steve, Red hair is John, and blue hair is Tamaki.” He said. I nodded. The group all had one tattooed arm and piercings.

Is that proof you’re in this group or something. Ciel snapped his fingers.

“Oh, and Joseph is coming as well.” He said.

“Yay!” I said. The group of boys started walking towards us just as the doors burst open and Joe and Gray stepped in. Joe ran over to me.

“Alex!” He said smiling.

“Hey Joe.” I said smiling back. Joe sat next to Ace. My brother hopped over and cuddled up in my lap, I hugged him. Natsu friends walked over as well. The blue haired boy Tamaki sat next to me.

“Hey, I’m Tamaki” He said with a goofy grin and held out his hand. I smiled back.

“I’m Alex.” I said shaking his hand.

“I’m Steve and this is John.” Steve said, him and John smiled at me. I smiled and waved at them. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see Gray. He’s really cute!

“Hey Alex, I believe we met earlier.” Gray said with a dazzling smile. I smiled back.

“That’s right. Nice to see you again Gray.” I said. I could feel Ace’s eyes on me but I ignored them.

“So you want me to give you a tour of the place later?” Gray asked. I nodded. I talked to everyone on and on for about ten minutes before Ciel silenced us. Before Ciel could talk I blurted.

“I’m going to turn into a cub just so you know”

Before Ciel or Ace could protest I picked up Natsu and put him down in the chair. I stood in front of everyone and changed. Ace groaned and picked up my clothes and put them in the corner. I purred and climbed up in Tamaki’s lap. Tamaki grinned.

“Continue on with the meeting. I’m listening.” I told Ciel. Ace looked really frustrated, but I just curled up in Tamaki’s lap.

“This meeting is for your shifts to watch over Alex. She’s like a child who runs around crazily. She loves candy and Anime/Manga, So if you have any of those she will be calm…” Joe interrupted with a quick…

“And she’s totally boss at video games if you’ve got those.”

Everyone stared at Joe for a moment before Ciel continued on.

“….. Ace you will go with her everywhere no matter whose shift it is. First shift is Gray, second is Joe, then it’s Tamaki, John, Natsu and Steve, Ace will have his own time and then Alex will come to me. Any questions?” Ciel asked looking around. I jumped out of Tamaki’s lap and landed on the table.

“I’ve got one, why does this knucklehead have to follow me everywhere?” I asked glaring at Ace.

 Ace looked unmoved by the gesture.

“Because, you are supposed to be teaching each other.” Ciel said calmly. I snorted. Ace looked totally fine with this idea! What’s wrong with this guy!? I studied ace for a long time before noticing that he was staring back at me. I blushed and looked away. This guy totally gets on my nerves!

“Fine, is this meeting over now?” I asked. Ciel nodded. I grinned and walked across the table to my brother. 

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