Crossbows and Hearts

Jack pretty much lives by her own rules. So why is this stranger coming to her aid? And what exactly was after him in the first place? Jack better find an answer to all these questions before all heads South.


3. Cookies and meetings

We ran and ran until we found the house he said was his. The cabin from my dreams…. I stopped right in front of his house.

“NO! This can’t be your house! This is the cabin that’s always in my nightmares!” I said backing away.

“Your nightmares?” Shane asked.

I nodded and kept backing away. I tripped and fell but someone caught me.

“What did my brother do?” I heard Daryl ask from behind me.

I stood up straight. “He was being chased by a vamp when he found my house.” I said.

Daryl nodded and walked over to Shane. He slapped him on the shoulder.

“You’re lucky you found my pal here if you were being chased by a vamp. She’s a better hunter than me.” Daryl said with a big grin on his face.

 “Yeah, ‘cause all you do is try and show off.” I muttered.

Daryl made a fake upset face. “Now that’s just rude.” He said. I sighed.

“Anyhow me and you brother Shane are going to be partners, you want to work with us?” I asked.

Daryl made a thinking face. “Hmmm. I guess so.” He said with a shrug.

I put an arm around both boys, “Ok meet me at my place tomorrow.” I said with a grin, and I was gone.

I ran and home climbed in my window. I am really tired! I took off my weapons and slipped on my pajamas. I walked down the hall and threw my hunting clothes in the laundry. I yawned and climbed into bed, As soon as my head hit the pillow I was fast asleep. I woke up the next day at a knock on my bedroom door.

“Come in.” I said sleepily. Daryl and Shane walked in.

“Dang it! I slept in didn’t I?” I said slipping out of bed. They both nodded.

“Okay, you to get comfy and I’ll be right back.” I said and quickly left the room.

I ran into the laundry room and grabbed a tee shirt and shorts. I ran into the bathroom and slipped them on. I looked in the mirror. Yikes! My hair is a total mess! I quickly brushed it and brown curls bounced everywhere. I left the bathroom and headed into the kitchen.

“Hey mom can you get me three cokes?” I asked. She nodded.

“You want some chocolate chip cookies too?” My mom asked like she didn’t already know the answer. I nodded.

“Of course. I love cookies.” I said. A couple moments later my mom walked over with a tray with a pile of cookies and three cokes.

“Thanks mom. Can you not interrupt us? We are having a really important conversation.” I said. She nodded. I headed down the hall and opened my door and saw the boys reading some of my manga. They looked up and saw me.

“You like this kind of stuff?” Daryl asked. I nodded.

“I love anime and manga.” I said. “So do we, but you have a lot more than we do.” Shane said.

“You guys can borrow some whenever you like.” I said.

 They both nodded.

“Anyway back to why we are here.” I said sprawling out on the bed with the cookies in front of me. I handed both boys a coke.

“We need a plan to catch more vamps.” I said taking a cookie. Daryl opened his mouth to speak but a knock at the door interrupted him.

“I thought you said that you wouldn’t interrupt our meeting!” I yelled when my mom entered.

“Sorry but I just had to make sure this wasn’t about vampires.” My mom said. Everyone went silent.

“You know how I hate the fact that you were hunting vampires just to get revenge for brother. That’s why I had to stop you last year. I have to make sure that you aren’t hunting again.” She continued. Everyone was looking at me. 

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