Crossbows and Hearts

Jack pretty much lives by her own rules. So why is this stranger coming to her aid? And what exactly was after him in the first place? Jack better find an answer to all these questions before all heads South.


1. A knock at the window?

“Daniel!” I screamed over and over again running through the woods.

I couldn’t find him anywhere. Where did he go? Is he ok? I kept running and running until I finally found a cabin that he could be in. I slowly opened the door and then….. I woke up. I bolted up in bed at the sound of a knock on my window. Quickly it became banging. I jumped up and ran to the window I threw open the curtains revealing a boy about my age. I opened the window.

“Who are you and what do you want?” I asked.

The boy panted. “Help! Please, let me in!” The boy begged.

I nodded and helped him through the window. He quickly turned around and locked the windows shut. He peaked through the curtains and then shut them again.

“So who are you?” I asked.

The boy looked at me as if he forgot I was here. “I’m Shane.” He said. I nodded to a chair.

“Sit.” I said more of a command the question.

He sat. I walked over and sat on the edge of my bed.

“So… Why exactly are you here?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

 He looked startled at the question.

“I um…. Need a place to crash and there was a coyote chasing me.” Shane said.

I laughed. “That’s a lie. Coyotes are scared of humans. What’s really chasing you?” I asked.

Shane shook his head.

“I can’t tell you. It’ll scare you.” He said looking in to my eyes.

I laughed. “There isn’t much in this world that can scare me anymore besides….” I gulped and shook my head.

“Anyway not much can scare me.” I said.

Shane looked serious. “I really can’t tell you.” He said.

I shrugged. “I’m Jackie by the way, my friends call me Jack.” I said holding out a hand.

He shook it.

“You can crash on the couch in here. My parents don’t like visitors. But my parents never come in here. I can sneak you in some food if you’re hungry.” I said.

“Do you have any clothes I can where?” Shane asked.

I looked away and muttered; “Yea” I walked over to a box in the corner of the room and pulled out a guy’s tee shirt and shorts. I handed them to Shane.

“These used to be my brothers before he….” I said shaking my head.

Shane nodded. “There’s a bathroom right over there. Go get dressed.” I said.

Shane walked out into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

I got up and grabbed a blanket and a pillow from the closet and set them on the couch. Shane walked in dressed in my brother’s clothes. My phone rang. I answered it.

“Yo.” It was Carl.

“Jack! Something’s wrong with my dad! He’s drained of some of his blood! You got to come help!” He screamed.

“Yo, I’ll be there as fast as I can!” I said and then hung up.

“Shit!” I said.

I ran over to my closet and pulled out my crossbow and hand gun. I set them, on the bed and went to my drawers. I dug until I found my hunting clothes. I quickly ran into the bathroom and slipped them on. I ran back into my room and slung the crossbow behind my back and slid the gun in its holster.

“What are you doing?” Shane asked.

“I’m….. Hunting. I guess you have to come with me.” I said grabbing a few stakes.

I slid them in my waistband.

“What exactly are you hunting?” Shane asked. I threw my hands I the air.

“Now it’s my turn to be interrogated! Look you won’t say what you’re running from, I won’t say what I’m hunting for. That’s that. Now put these on.” I said shoving some boots into his arms.

I slipped on a different pair. I stood straight and looked at Shane. He had messy black hair and grey eyes. I handed him a knife. He raised an eyebrow. I shook my head.

“It’s…. just in case.” I said then pulled him to the window.

“Be right back.” I said as I went to my night stand.

I picked up a flashlight and ran back over to him. Shane didn’t look scared at all. Does he know what we’re doing? I jumped out the window and then helped him down.

“Can you run fast?” I asked and he nodded.

“Good, ‘cause I do to.” I said and we took off. When we reached Carl’s house Shane finally looked scared.

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