Story Of My Life {Zayn/1D fanfic

Hello. Miracle here. This is my story. I'm sorry if it's a bit out of order but oh well. Read how I met the love of my life.

This is my first fanfic ever on the internet. Hope you like it. Fan me. ��



9. Chapter 8

"I love you more than you will ever know." He says. Placing his chin on my shoulder.

"I love you from here, to the moon, around the sun, and back. Is your love for me more than that?" I say. I love playing this game with him. Every little moment like this should be cherished.

"My love for you is unexplainable. Nothing in earth can explain how much I love you." He said.

"Awe. I love you babe. Nothing will ever change that. Your the best boyfr- fiancé there is out there and I'm lucky I'm right here in this position right now if it wasn't for Harry and Niall."

I turned around in his arms to where I was facing him. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him.

We pulled away to breathe. We stood there arms wrapped around each other mesmerized by the moment. Mia and Marissa still haven't met Zayn after three months of us dating. I'm getting married soon and they haven't met him. I feel so bad for that it I don't think I'm ready for that. I mean it's been three months since the incident when I went home later than I said I was gonna be home. It was a silly mistake. I still live with Mia but I think I'm gonna move out. I still don't have a job but Zayn says he can support us three with all of the money he gets. My heart wants to believe him but my head says otherwise. It tells me I need a job. But I'm gonna have a baby soon. And I'm scared. The baby with barely see its father through its life. I didn't want to raise my baby in tours with Zayn. It's gonna be hard. And without him I have nothing. I have no one to help me take care of our baby. Their tour starts next week and ends in three months. They have a whole year or two until the next tour so I'm safe. I won't have our baby until after tour. I just can't tell Zayn that. It would ruin our relationship. I can't have that happen. But we are gonna talk about it sooner or later. Yea later. Too precious of a moment to ruin.

A few minutes later Harry walks into the kitchen. Zayn and I pull away from each other and stare at Harry.

"Uh. Sorry guys I didn't know you two were uh busy." He says.

"Oh no we weren't busy. We were just about to leave in a few minutes. So uh it's ok. Just do what ya need to do." Zayn says.

Zayn and I walk into the living room and sit on the couch. I cuddle into Zayn and fall asleep.

•-few hours later-•

I was waken up by Zayn. He said to grab my stuff so he can take me home. I grabbed my phone an purse and follow Zayn to the car.

Zayn drove me to Mia's. It was a quiet drive. Zayn had finally pulled up to Mia's house. He pecked my lips and said bye. I got out of the car and went inside. It was about one o'clock in the morning. I know Mia is frustrated with me coming home super late but I'm used to it. Also I might be moving soon so I won't have to worry about Mia's whining about me coming home late and everything. I come home late because I'm not quite ready for Mia to meet Zayn. Maybe tomorrow.

I walked into the house ad up to my room. I kicked my shoes off into the closet and put on some One Direction pajama bottoms I plugged my phone Ito the charger and fell asleep.

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