Story Of My Life {Zayn/1D fanfic

Hello. Miracle here. This is my story. I'm sorry if it's a bit out of order but oh well. Read how I met the love of my life.

This is my first fanfic ever on the internet. Hope you like it. Fan me. ��



8. Chapter 7

Miracle's POV


I am three months pregnant with Zayn. We parked in front of Harry's house. We just got back from Nando's. Zayn stopped me in my tracks and we headed the other way. We walked down the side walk. I intertwined our fingers. He looked down at me, I smiled up at him. He started talking.

"Miracle- I love you. There is no other way to say those words. I don't ever want to lose you. You're my life. We are having a child and I just- I love you. Those are the only three words that I can say to you that mean the most to me." He says. Stopping our tracks and standing in front of me holding both of my hands.

"I love you too Zayn. So much. There is no other words to express my feelings towards you. I love you with all of my heart. I do." I say hugging him. He holds onto me for dear life, then pulls away. He kisses me with so much passion. After a few seconds, he pulls away. He bends down on one knee and pulls something out of his pocket.

"Zayn what are-" I say

"Miracle. I want you to be mine for the rest of our lives. I love you with all of my heart and I want you to be mine. Will you do the honors in marrying me. Miracle, will you marry me?"

I stood there. Looking down at my wonder boyfriend, smiling at him as he patiently waits for my answer holding up a beautiful diamond ring that says our names on it.

"Zayn- I- I don't know what to say." I say stuttering.

"Well then say yes. I know we love each other equally and we both love our child. Say yes. Miracle please say yes." He says smiling like an idiot.

"Yes" I say tearing up.

I slides the ring onto my finger and kisses me. He spins me around and hugs me. Today has been the best day of my life so far. I love this wonderful man in front of me. When he sets me into the ground I kiss him. With all of my might. When people say you can't fall so far in love. I don't believe it. I say within the relationship and time, you fall deeper and deeper in love. We have been madly in love since day one. We still are madly in love.

We're truly madly deeply in love with each other.

I intertwined our fingers as we walked back to Harry's flat. I leaned me head on his shoulder and he laid his head on mine. We walked to Harry's and stepped inside.

"Where were you guys? We've been looking for you two." Liam said.

"Well let's just say we walked around the block." Zayn says smirking down at me.

"What happened on this little walk?" Louis asked.

"A lot!" I said giggling.

"Like what? You guys are making little Louis curious and he hates all the pressure!" Louis whined.

"Ok ok well." I said looking up at Zayn.

"Uh. I proposed. I am proud to say it will soon be Mr. and Mrs. Malik. Everyone."

I blushed at the fact that he said Mr. and Mrs. Malik. I smiled. It's a habit. When I blush I look down and then I look up at everyone smiling. Don't judge me, I blush at almost anything people say about me. I am proud to say I am pregnant and engaged to the love of my life. Zayn goes behind me and hugs me by the waist from behind. I'm wearing pink shorts, bright turquoise tank top, a neon green see-through half shirt that says 'LOVE HATE' in black and white converse. I have on a bracelet Zayn gave me last week that says 'Zayn & Miracle' engraved in it. It's a gold chain bracelet. I have on a bracelet that says 'Forever & Always -Zayn' on it. Zayn got them customized for me.

"You know I love you. Right love?" He asked. We were in the same position from like a few minutes ago.

"Did you know I love you more?" I say. Tilting my head back so I can see his beautiful face. I peck his lips and he smiles with his cheekiness.

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