Story Of My Life {Zayn/1D fanfic

Hello. Miracle here. This is my story. I'm sorry if it's a bit out of order but oh well. Read how I met the love of my life.

This is my first fanfic ever on the internet. Hope you like it. Fan me. ��



17. chapter 16

I found Zayn talking on the phone in a guest room. I listened in.

"No. Don't ever call this number again. I don't like you. Leave me and my girlfriend alone. I never want to see you again." He said.

He hung up and shoved his phone into his pocket. He turned to face me.

"Who was it?" I asked curious.

"Perrie. She claims that she loves me and that your no good. I told her no and she admitted that she cheated on me and then said that without me she is nothing." He says.

"To tell you the truth I think she was in it for your money." I said. He chuckled.

"Uh. Zayn my mum said she would like to meet you. But she lives in California." I told him.

"My mom wants to meet you too. She lives here. Bradford, England." He chuckled.

"When does she want to meet me?" I asked him

"Whenever ya want." He says.

"How about tonight for dinner?" I said.

"Sounds good. Well we're gonna leave around six. We gotta go get ready. It's five. Let's go." He said grabbing my hand and dragging me towards the door.

We entered the living room where all of the boys were.

"Hey guys. We're gonna go. We have plans to go and meet my mum later. So we'll see ya boys later." He said.

"Bye guys!" I said. I hugged them all.

"See you guys later. Bye Miracle!!" Harry said.

"Bye guys. Be safe and see you guys tomorrow. We're gonna see Simon right?" Liam asked.

"Yea we'll be here tomorrow. We're gonna see Uncle Si." Zayn said.

"Bye Zayn and Miracle! See you tomorrow!!" Louis screamed.

"See ya guys!" Niall said.

"Ok bye! See y'all tomorrow." Zayn said.

And with that we left. We were on our way home when Zayn got a call. He took his phone out of his pocket and looked at the screen. He put it on silent he placed it In the cup holder. I picked it up and read the name. It said 'EX GF PERRIE' I decided that I would answer it.

•Our conversation:

(M: Me P:Perrie)

P: Zayn? I wanted to tell you that I love you. I need you. But I found a new boyfriend. His name is Justin.

I was frozen. I can't believe my ex is with her.

P: Zayn are you there? Hello? Well bye. He's here. Bye Zayn.

And with that she hung up. Oh my gosh. Justin Walter is with Perrie Edwards. This is something that I shouldn't be worried about but how long have they been dating? That's my question that I am more than happy to find the answer to. I'm gonna text Justin. I unblocked him and texted him saying.

To: Ex, Justin

'Hey I heard you were dating uh Perrie Edwards. Can I ask how long you two have been together?'

From: Ex, Justin

'Yea I'm dating Perrie, why do ya wanna know?'

To: Ex, Justin

'Just because I wanna know.'

From: Ex, Justin

'Four years already.'

To: Ex, Justin

'So that's what you were doing when we were dating. You were with Perrie. That's why we only dated for two months.'

From: Ex, Justin

'You caught up so fast. I was out with Perrie. Not in hotels with other girls. I was with Perrie in hotels. That's why our relationship lasted two months. Very smart girl aren't ya.'

That's why. It all make sense to me now. Perrie and Justin probably set up our relationships. Oh my god…that means he knows where I am.

From: Ex, Justin

'I talked to your sister. She said she knows I beat you. You told her didn't you? About time. It's been about a year since it happened. I have decided not to mess with your perfect little relationship. Congratulations on your marriage. I won't try to kill you I promise. Perrie cheated on me twice but she was forgiven. With some guy named Zayn and Ed Sheeran.'

To: Ex, Justin

'Perrie cheated on you twice. She went out with Ed Sheeran and Zayn Malik? And she was forgiven? Great. But your never to be forgiven. You beat me to the point where I could barely breathe or walk. I was practically raped by you two years ago but thank God I didn't get pregnant. I never want to speak to you again. I never want to see you.'

From: Ex, Justin

'Well that won't be a problem. I'm moving back to California and staying there with Perrie. So that I won't be in your way.'

I put my phone away.

"Is anything wrong?" Zayn asks.

"It all adds up. Justin and Perrie. Our relationships with them were two months. Both sides. Justin told me they have been dating for four years. Justin keeps saying he wants me back as so is Perrie. Zayn they're trying to sabotage our relationship." I say as we pull up to the house.

"When Perrie and I broke up she mentioned a Justin. Well this explains everything." He says.

We walk into the house and walk up to our rooms. I walk into my room and decided on taking a shower. I took a shower and got dressed. I put on a pair of long pink sweat pants, a neon pink tank top and a sweater that matches the sweats. I put on some black and white Nikes and straightened my hair. I walked into Zayn's room. He was wearing gray sweats and a blank white tee shirt. His shoes were black and white Nikes like mine. He put on a sweater, grabbed his keys and his phone, and headed to the car. I followed him grabbing my phone and shoving it into a pocket if Zayn's leather jacket that he let me wear.

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