Story Of My Life {Zayn/1D fanfic

Hello. Miracle here. This is my story. I'm sorry if it's a bit out of order but oh well. Read how I met the love of my life.

This is my first fanfic ever on the internet. Hope you like it. Fan me. ��



16. Chapter 15


I went to the kitchen to call my mom. I dialed her number. She lives in California. I listened to my phone as the like was ringing. She picked up after the third ring.

Our Conversation:

{M: Miracle & Mm: mom}

Mm: hello?

M: hey mom.

Mm: hi Hun. How ya been haven't spoken in about two years.

M: well that's what I wanted to talk to you about.

Mm: are you ok? Are you coming home?

M: no. I wanted to say that I'm not with Justin anymore. We broke up two years ago.

Mm: what! Why? What happened?

M: he was never around. He was out hitting on other girls and in hotels with them. A few months after our break up he found me and beat me.

Mm: are you ok!?

M: yea. Oh I wanted to tell you something.

Mm: and what is that?

M: I don't know how to come out with it.

Mm: it's ok just say it.

M: I met someone, his name is Zayn Malik. I met him six months ago. I'm four months pregnant and I'm engaged.

Mm: what!!!? Are you kidding me!!? Your pregnant?! And you met a guy? How long ago?

M: yes mom I'm pregnant. I met Zayn six months ago. I am three months.

Mm: Congratulations. When are we gonna meet him?

M: Mom I don't know. Y'all are over there in the America. We're in the UK.

Mm: I'm slightly disappointed but I love you.

M: I love you too mom. I gotta go. Bye.

Mm: bye honey. Be careful.


I walked back into the living room thinking about the family I left in America. My mom and sister. My sister, Samantha is 23.

•Ok my relationship with Zayn: I'm 20 he's 22, I'm 5'2 he's 5'7, he says I'm perfect but I don't see it, I say he's perfect he doesn't think so, he says I'm beautiful but I say he's blind, I say he's hot and he says he knows it.


I was ten years old. I was with my mom and sister in the car going home from a concert if some band. My mom was on the phone. All I heard was

"Whatever josh. I don't need you. Why don't out tell your two daughters that crap!" And with that she hung up.

When we got home, on the news there was a report about a guy jumping off of a bridge and dying. It was my father.

•two years later•

My father haunted my nightmares. He was in almost all of my dreams. Some of them he raped me. Others he killed me. One specifically, he killed my family and kept me to let all of his friends rape me to get money. They were all unexplained and scary. My mom had told me that he was a child molester that's why he killed himself. He raped Samantha in front of my mom. It was horrible. Samantha cried every night after that incident.


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