The Girl of Blazing Flames

Aubrey always thought no one would ever find out her deep secret! What happened? Well the new transfer students happened! What will they do now that they know her secret?


12. The wolf leaves the house

I woke early in the morning at Andrew’s warning of Josh coming. I told Andrew to stand in the corner where Josh couldn’t see him. I sat on the edge of the bed just as there was a knock on the door.

“Come in.” I said sleepily.

Josh entered the room quietly. He quickly came over to me and pulled me close. He ran a finger threw my hair then kissed me. I raised my hand and punched his cheek. He flew against the wall.

“Ow! What was that for!?” Josh asked.

“It was for last night!” I said angrily.

“I was doing that to protect you!” Josh screamed walking over to me.

“I never asked anyone to protect me! I only have one protector and that’s Andrew!” I said.

Josh was now nose to nose with me.

“I don’t want them getting you!” He said.

I screamed. “I can fight my own battles! I am the most powerful werewolf in the world. Aside from my brother.” I said.

“You are not strong enough.” Josh insisted.

“That’s it! This conversation is over and I’m never talking to you again! Andrew! Grab some clothes I can borrow from you and come find me later.We are leaving and never coming back.” I yelled and turned wolf.

I turned around and jumped out the window.

I landed on my paws and ran into the woods never looking back.

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