The Girl of Blazing Flames

Aubrey always thought no one would ever find out her deep secret! What happened? Well the new transfer students happened! What will they do now that they know her secret?


3. Meeting with the Demon

The bell rang and I grabbed my books.

“What class do you have next Aubrey?” Blaze asked.

“I have History.” I answered. Josh walked over smiling.

“So do we.” He said. I smiled in delight.

Josh put an arm around my waste and slung me over his shoulder. I laughed. I saw that Blaze was carrying all our books. Josh carried me to the door that led into the History classroom and set me down. Blaze handed me my books.

“Thanks.” I said still laughing. They grinned.

“You know our dad is the new History teacher.” Josh said. I blinked.

“Really? That’s cool!” I said.

They both put an arm around me and steered me into the classroom. They pushed me into the first chair in the middle row with Josh on my left and Blaze on my right. The main board said Mr. Hunter. At the teacher’s desk was a burly man who looked a lot like Blaze. He grinned at the three of us. Janice walked into the classroom and started staring at Josh. She turned to me and glared. I hate fairies!

She walked up to my desk and slapped her hands onto it.

“Stay away from Josh!” She growled. I smiled.

“No.” I said cheerfully. She slapped me.

“Go to hell!” Janice said. I smiled at her my face not hurting at all.

“Sorry, but I really don’t want to go to the same place as you.” I said and some people behind me snickered. She punched me and I stood up still smiling.

“If you really want to go there than OK.” I said and slammed my fist into her face.

People gasped. She fell to the ground landing on her back. Blood was running from her face and she was crying.

“You’re not human! No normal person could ever hit that hard!” She screamed at me. I frowned.

“Now you’re just being rude. I didn’t even use all my strength.” I said. Mr. Hunter walked over and dragged me to his desk.

“Am I in trouble? ‘Cause she so obviously started it!” I said.

He shook his head.

“You’re not in trouble, but I need you to call your dad and tell him that I’m having you stay after school and you won’t be home till tomorrow.” He said.

I raised an eyebrow. “Why?” I asked.

“I will explain later! Just call him!” He said urgently

I shrugged and dug my phone out of my pocket.

“Blaze take Janice to the office and tell the nurse what happened.” I heard Mr. Hunter say.

 I typed in my dad’s number and hit call. My dad answered.

“Hello?” He said.

“Yo dad I have to stay after school and I won’t be home till tomorrow. I’m going to go to a friend’s house afterwards.” I said. I heard my dad yawn.

“Yeah. Ok. Whatever.” He said and hung up.

I rolled my eyes and put my phone in my pocket. I walked up to Mr. Hunter who was obviously deep in thought and poked his shoulder. He jumped. I laughed.

“What did your dad say?” He asked.

“He said whatever and hung up on me.” I said rolling my eyes.

“Ok. I will tell you everything you need to know when school is over.” Mr. Hunter said.

I nodded and walked to my seat. I sat down and put my head on my desk. Josh leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“What did my dad talk to you about?” I raised my head.

“I have no clue! He just said for me to say I wasn’t coming home till tomorrow.” I said with a shrug. Josh nodded.

“Ok.” He said.

The lady from the office walked in.

“Aubrey Baze?” She asked. I stood up.

“Yeah?” I asked. She motioned for me to come.

“Follow me.” She said.

And I followed her out of the room. She led me into the principal’s office.

“Have a seat and the principal will be with you shortly.” She said and left the room.

I sat down as the door swung open.

“Aubrey! You are in big trouble!” I jumped as the principal walked in.

“You punched my daughter and broke her nose! And before that you broke into my office!” He said outraged.

“Janice started it.” I muttered.

“So what if she did! Doesn’t mean you can punch her!” Whicker said.

“She punched me first!” I yelled at him. He studied my face.

“Doesn’t look like you have a mark!” He said.

Dang! I hate healing fast!

“Whatever! Punish me! I don’t care!” I yelled.

“Yep! I’m going to punish you alright! You are expelled! Now call your dad and go home!” He demanded.

I grinned. “Well, you see, I can’t go home. I’m going to Mr. Hunter’s house today.”

“Fine I will have a substitute come in and he and his kids will take you home! Don’t think I’m coming after you later!” He said.

I nodded. “Ok.” I said and walked out of the office.

Dang! Now I have a demon on my tail! 

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