The Girl of Blazing Flames

Aubrey always thought no one would ever find out her deep secret! What happened? Well the new transfer students happened! What will they do now that they know her secret?


9. Dinner with three hot guys

When we arrived at Josh’s house Mark and Blaze were back.

“Yay! Their back!” I said and skipped to the door.

I opened the door and got hit in the face with cake.

“What the heck!” I yelled. Blaze ran over.

“Sorry! We saw you two were gone and thought someone got you so we set up traps.” Blaze said.

Andrew ran over.

“What happened Brie?” He asked. I laughed.

“Just a cake in the face that’s all.” I said. Blaze glared at Andrew.

“Who in the name of Maddy are you?” Blaze asked. I laughed at him.

“In the name of Maddy seriously?!” I asked.

Blaze blushed. 

“Anyhow… This is Andrew and he’s my protector, he’s an angel. My mom sent him. Said something big was going to happen and he had to be here.” I told Blake.

Andrew nodded.  Blaze eyes practically popped out of his head.

“Angel?” He asked.

“Yep! I’m an Angel.” Andrew said with a smile.

“Now can we all please come in without getting hit by cake?” Josh asked angrily.

I stepped to stand beside him. I put my arms around his waist.

“What’s wrong?” I asked against his chest. Josh sighed.

“It’s nothing. Come on.” He said pulling me off him and walking in.

I huffed. Andrew put an arm around me.

“Come on Brie.” He said and led me inside.

What’s up with Josh? Mark walked up and stared at Andrew. He slowly took his gaze to Andrew arm which was around me. He growled.

“Who’s he?” Mark asked angrily. “He’s my protector. My mom sent him. He’s and Angel and his name is Andrew. My mom said that something big was going to happen and he had to be here.” I answered for the second time.

Mark nodded and let out a breath.

“Ok.” He said in relief.

Did he think me and Andrew were dating? Yea, probably.

“So Andrew can stay here right?” I asked. Mark nodded.

“There is a room right next to yours he can stay in.” Mark answered. I raised an eyebrow.

“Josh said there were no rooms and he had to stay in the attic.” I said.

Mark shook his head. “He just doesn’t want any guys your age around.” Mark said.

I laughed. “Blaze is here isn’t he?” I asked.

Mark shook his head. “You know what I mean.” He said.

“Yeah whatever. I’m going to go talk to Josh. I don’t need a guard for that do I Andrew?” I asked.

He shook his head.  I laughed.

“Well don’t be afraid to send in an ambulance later for one of us.” I said and walked out of the room.

I walked upstairs and down the hall. When I got to Josh’s door I heard noises. I cracked the door open so I could see. Josh was standing there holding his head in his hands.

“This can’t happen! No! No! He won’t get her!” He screamed.

I opened the door all the way and walked in. Josh hadn’t heard me. I walked up and put my arms around him.

“Josh what’s wrong?” I asked.

Josh threw his arms around me.

“I won’t let him take you! He won’t!” Josh yelled. I pulled away.

“Who? Josh you won’t let who take me away?” I asked.

“Andrew! That’s why he’s here! Your mom didn’t tell him what the big event was, but she sent it to my brain. He’s going to take you away from me. You are a princess and your mom wants you to fall in love with him so he will be your prince.” Josh said.

I laughed. “Josh, no one can take me from you. I love you.” I said and threw my arms around him.

He pulled me close and kissed me like he had earlier.

“Time for dinner.” Someone said beside us.

I pulled away from Josh and turned towards the voice. Andrew. He stood there coolly like nothing happened.

“Ok.” I said.

I grabbed Josh’s arm and Andrew’s.

“Let’s go eat!” I said cheerfully.

I led both boys downstairs. When we entered the dining room we were welcomed by the smell of spaghetti. I led the boys to a really long table. Josh pulled out a chair for me. I flashed him a smile as I sat down. Josh sat to my left and Andrew to my right.

Blaze came over and sat a plate of spaghetti in front of me with wink. I must be in heaven!  Three hot guys eating dinner with me!

 This is awesome! Andrew winked at me. Hot! I stretched out my hand to get my fork but Andrew grabbed my hand. He studied it.

“Where did you get this tattoo?” Andrew asked. I shrugged.

“Born with it, and I can do some pretty cool stuff with it, if you let go.” I said.

Andrew nodded and let go. I stood up and removed my vest. The boys looked at me like I was about to strip. I rolled my eyes. My tattoo’s showed all up my arms. Flame. My arms instantly caught fire. Andrew’s mouth dropped open. I grinned and stopped the flames.

“Now watch this.” I said.

Hearts.  Andrew raised an eyebrow at the hearts on my arms. Love. I grinned. All three boys looked love struck. I stopped. I walked over to Andrew.

“Who did you see when I did that?” I asked.

He raised an eyebrow. “

You. Who else would I be able to see?” He asked.

I cursed under my breath.

“You are supposed to be able to see your true love. But….. You couldn’t have seen me! Josh saw me, and I can’t have two true loves!” I said. 

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