The Girl of Blazing Flames

Aubrey always thought no one would ever find out her deep secret! What happened? Well the new transfer students happened! What will they do now that they know her secret?


6. Dad plays with fire

“Guys always fall for that!” I said still laughing.

“How did you do that?” Josh asked.

I grinned a wolfish grin.”I can turn into whoever you want most in the world. So who did you see?” I asked him.

Josh started blushing like crazy. “I saw you.” He said and quickly looked down.

I felt my face catch flames.

“Aubrey your face is literally on fire!” Blaze said.

I shook my head and the flames disappeared.

“It does that when I get embarrassed. So, Blaze who did you see?” I asked.

He blushed as well. “I saw Maddy.” He said.

I grinned and hugged him. “I think you two would be the perfect couple.” I said releasing him.

Blaze grinned back. I turned to Mark.

“So… Who did you see?” I asked.

“I saw a woman I’ve never seen before.” Mark said.

“That happens sometimes. I can only show you your true love.” I said flames going to my face again.

That means Josh is my true love?

“What did she look like?” I asked.

“She had red hair like you and the same blue eyes. She was so beautiful.” He said.

 I gasped and shook my head.

“No! That can’t be possible!” I said slamming my fist on my head.

“What can’t be possible?” Blaze asked.

“That woman….. She’s my mother! But….. But it can’t be! My mother’s dead! She died in the war!”

I screamed and ran out of the room crying. I ran outside and climbed up a tree. I sat there just crying. Dad! He lied to me! Mom’s alive!  Where is she!  

“Aubrey are you ok?” Josh asked from below somewhere.

I sniffled. “Yeah I’m fine.” I said and jumped from the tree.

“Aubrey don’t jump your too high!” I landed ahead of him on my feet.

“To high huh?” I said grinning.

“How can you do that?” He asked.

“I’m tougher than I look.” I said.

He laughed. I glared at him

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

He stopped laughing

“Nothing. I just remember something.” Josh said.

I raised an eyebrow. Josh shook his head.

“Never mind that let’s go have dinner.” He said. I grinned.

“Ok. Race you. Ready, set, go!” I said and I was already in the house when I said go.

Josh came in a minute later.

“Wow! You’re fast!” He said catching his breath. I laughed.

“Thanks.” I said and quickly stopped laughing. I feel something happening. Dad! Fire!

“No!!!!” I screamed. Josh looked shaken.

“What’s wrong Aubrey?” Josh asked.

“No this can’t be happening!” I yelled and I turned wolf and ran out the front door.

I heard a car start behind me and saw Mark, Blaze, and Josh. I sped up trying to get home. When I finally reached the house it was burnt to the ground. There was nothing left of the house. I went into the ash. No! Dad has to be here! I dug in the ash and found my dad’s bones.

I dug a hole behind my favorite tree and dropped the bones in. I grabbed a big rock and dropped it in front of his new grave. I need to turn human! Wait…. I need clothes! I ran into the wood and found our extra clothes for when we are hunting. I turned human and quickly put on my camo clothes. All the memories from that house! My best memories were of when I would jump to the roof and watch the sun rise and set. I walked to my dad’s grave. He was a horrible father! But still…… I loved him! My knees gave out on me. I burst into tears.

“No! You’re not gone! You can’t be! There is no way you’re gone!” I screamed pounding his grave. I felt a hand on my shoulder.

“Aubrey are you ok?” I heard someone say.

I turned to see Josh.

“No!” I screamed and threw my arms around him. I burst into tears again. He patted my back.

“What am I going to do now? I have nothing!” I said against his shoulder.

I felt him take a deep breath. “That’s not true. You still have us.” Josh said.

I tried to stand and I was devoured by darkness. 

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