Mountain Sounds

It was her Idea... But he payed the price... It was he who made the first move... But she made the last... It was he who was supposed to protect her, but she was the one to protect him... After a sudden assigned partner summer project, Helena and Ethan embark on a journey that will bring them closer together than ever thought possible. Leaving behind all the messy bits for one unforgettable summer...


1. Prologue

This summer wasn’t exactly one of peace and happiness like I planned. I didn’t start college early for their summer program, I didn’t go deep sea diving with my dad, I didn’t have the summer I’d been planning since the beginning of high school. Instead I had a series of events that lead to my arrest, humiliation, and utter disaster. Looking back at this summer now, sitting here with the police and my family, at 1:30 in the morning it seemed as though the humiliation would never end. But it was all my fault from the very beginning, Ryder was right about my sister Claire, the hardest part about loving someone is letting them drive a car knowing they’d just hit a wall. That’s what I didn’t do with Claire, instead I let her lie and manipulate me for months and for what? This? For my one chance at happiness to slip through my fingers? For the first summer in forever to end n tragedy. It seemed so far away-the beginning of summer and the English project that changed my life in a matter of months.

“Helena,” the sound of Detective Gil’s voice takes me out my trance as I look up into his brown eyes. He gave me a comforting smile like all the others. Just part of the job-to make me feel comfortable with telling him thing I knew no one wanted to hear. “Helena sweetie when I got your call I was hoping this meant you were ready to talk to us,” he mumbles so only I could hear it. My eyes widen and I nod.

“Will Ethan-I mean Ryder be okay?”

Detective Gil turns to my mother sitting down in her light pink robe, her hazel eyes locking with mine, she runs a hand through her long brown hair and sighs a shrug. I knew she wasn’t going to loosen the reins so what was my purpose in even telling the story. She didn’t care about justice for me all she cared about was how great this will look on her file of cases. I could see it in headlines now, “Attorney Elizabeth Ryder puts known felon Phillip Ryder’s son in prison-25 years to life statutory rape”. Though it wasn’t rape not if it was consensual besides it was my choice not his and now again the Ryder’s are paying because of my families’ selfishness. 

“To be honest I don’t know but lying will get you nowhere because if your story doesn’t check out with his Ethan Ryder could face deportation or life in prison.” Detective Gil’s brown skin seemed to go a little pale in his face as he rubbed his bald head. He was tall around 6’2 he has been a family friend for a very long time which is making me question if this was categorized as conflict of interest. My heart stopped I swear it did because I knew all too well no matter who the detective was Ethan’s only hope was me and that scared me more than anything. But would they really deport him for my mistake? It was such a burden even bigger than my sisters I had been carrying. For almost a whole minute I had even forgotten she was there. My gaze traveled to hers, she was my mother’s twin in looks no doubt, her hazel eyes matched my mother’s, and along with her brown hair that’s only difference from my mom’s was the short length. She gave me a soft smile before pulling her legs into her chest and playing with the hem of her black yoga pants. At that moment I realized I wasn’t the only one who had changed over the summer so had Claire. She had done something she’s never done before-stepped up.

“Fine, but this is far more complicated than you accusing Ryder of rape and kidnapping and there will be times you don’t want to hear things but you’re going to have to in order to fully understand so no interruptions from anyone, agreed?”

“Okay sweetie now where did all this start,” Detective Gil asks taking the seat on the couch next to me as I thought about his question.

For a second I stopped, where was there even a starting point to all this? I searched for the answer until it came hurdling to me like a fast ball. “It started the morning of the last day of school when Mrs. Ryder was fired.”

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