College Life

What happens when 3 regular girls go to the same college as One Direction while taking a break from their band? Will any of the One Direction boys fall for any of the girls...? Read and find out <3


3. Chapter 3

Jamie's POV

All of our classes were over for today so we went back to the house. It's about 4:30 and were all bored. I can tell that Liam likes me cause he always flirts and smiles at me, not that I'm complaining! He's so cute.. But I refuse to admit to Emma or Autumn that I like him cause I'd never hear the end of it. I always say I don't like one direction.. But they're really not bad.. But for all I know they could just be players. I'll find out eventually.

"Lets do something. I'm bored." I said while sitting down on the couch.

"Lets play truth or dare." Harry said smirking.

We all agreed and sat down on the floor. "Who's first?" I asked.

"Me!" Liam said cheerfully. "Jamie truth or dare?" He asked.

"Umm.. Truth."

"Do you have a crush on me?" Liam asked making my heart stop. Uh oh..

"Nope.. Sorry." I said covering up the lie pretty well I must say.

"That's BS!" Autumn yelled.

"Yeah Jamie we know you do." Emma said.

"I- I umm, okay yeah a little bit." I said giving up. Yeah the secrets out now.

"Ha! I knew it." Emma said happily.

"Don't feel bad Jamie, Liam likes you too!" Louis said chuckling.

"Really?" I asked laughing.

"Yeah.." Liam said blushing.

"Aww." Autumn said.

Ha I already knew he liked me but the thing is now he knows I like him too. Maybe we'll date.. Oh my. I've only known him 2 days! Oh well.

"Harry truth or dare?" I asked him.


"I dare you too run around outside in just your boxers singing at the top of your lungs."

"Ha! No problem!"

He stripped down into just his boxers and walked outside and starting running around singing loudly as we all watched out the window. Soon there was a campus security guard yelling at him.. Hahaha! The security guard made him come inside and none of us could stop laughing.

"Well that was fun." Harry said after we all calmed down. "Okay, Emma truth or dare?" He asked.

"Truth." Emma replied. Of course.. She never picks dare she only picks truth. Ha.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" Harry asked.

"Yeah I do actually.." Emma said.

"Oohhhhh" Louis said poking Harry.

"Poor Harry!" Zayn said laughing.

The rest of the game lasted of Niall eating toothpaste, Louis prank calling a random number, Autumn jumping in the neighbors pool, and Zayn saying if he had to eat one food the rest of his life it would be tacos.

It got pretty late so we decided to go to bed. I have to make sure to wake Autumn and Louis up in the morning.

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