College Life

What happens when 3 regular girls go to the same college as One Direction while taking a break from their band? Will any of the One Direction boys fall for any of the girls...? Read and find out <3


14. Chapter 14

Emma's POV

When I woke up in the morning my phone went off with a text message.

It was from my mom and it said "look at my new hair." And it showed a picture if her new hair that was dyed black.

"Jamie can I dye my hair?!" I yelled.

"I don't care. Your hair your life." She replied back.

I smiled and said "Yes! Harry do you want to help me?"

"Yeah!" He said and we ran out the door.


"What color?" He asked me.

"Black brown."

"Okay." We searched through the aisle until we found hair dye and took another 20 minutes I find the right color.

When we got back home me and Harry raced up the stairs to get to the bathroom.

We washed my hair and put the due in ending up with only half in my hair in the other half on his face. We cleaned up and I have to say I looked hot with black hair.

I ran back down the stairs and showed it off.

"Do you like it?" I asked them. In return I got several mourned yeahs.

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