College Life

What happens when 3 regular girls go to the same college as One Direction while taking a break from their band? Will any of the One Direction boys fall for any of the girls...? Read and find out <3


12. Chapter 12

Emma's POV


"It's valentines day!" I yelled at the top of my lungs scaring Jamie and Autumn awake.

"Thanks for the rude awakening!" Jamie shouted at me.

"Whatever." Autumn said.

I walked downstairs and grabbed Cheerios right when Harry was going to pour some in a bowl.

"Hey!" He pouted.

"Good morning." I said before I kissed him.

He grabbed the box from me as he pushed me on the wall.

"Good morning to you too." He said smirking.

He presses his lips to mine before we got really onto the kiss. He pushed himself to me harder and I kissed him back with matching force. I tangled my fingers Ito his hair and tugged slightly making him moan. I smiled into the kiss and he pulled me even closer.

"What did I walk in on children?!" Jamie laughed so hard she fell down and me and Harry blushed.


I sat cuddling in Harry's arms watching an episode of So Raven on Netflix.

Everyone walked in an sat down in front if the TV and Autumn shouted "Let's watch The Vow!"

"With Channing Tatum." Jamie agreed.

"Who?" I asked clueless.

"Oh come on babe." Harry said. "Even I know who that is."

We put it on and Jamie said both their vows word for word and later in the movie she repeated Rachel McAdams again.

When it was over Autumn sat across the room soaking Niall's shirt in tears, Jamie was kissing Liam, Zayn and Perrie were talking, Louis and Eleanor were cuddling, and me and Harry sat cuddling almost asleep.

"Our family is..." I paused searching for the right word. "Happy." He finished for me.

"Better than that." I said pecking his lips.

"Happy Valentines day." He said smiling.

"Happy Valentines day." I said back.

"Will you be my valentine." He asked.

"Yes." I said in a 'duh' tone.

"Always?" He pressed.

"Of course."

"Would you say that a million times over?" He pushed.

"Yes..." I said suspiciously.

He paused a moment before he pulled a small box from his pocket and said "Will you be mine forever?"

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