College Life

What happens when 3 regular girls go to the same college as One Direction while taking a break from their band? Will any of the One Direction boys fall for any of the girls...? Read and find out <3


1. Chapter 1 (And about the characters)

About the Characters

Emma: Emma is a 19 year old freshman in college. She has a bubbly personality and talks a lot but can be shy at times. She has shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. She's pretty tall and the oldest of her friends but not the most responsible. She plays basketball. Her height gives her an advantage. She loves scary movies and can make friends with a complete stranger in seconds. She's definitely a people pleaser.

Autumn: Autumn is a 19 year old college freshman student. She is sweet and caring. She plays softball for her college team and is very good. She has long curly brunette hair which is usually straightened, and brown eyes that change from light to dark depending on her mood. If you mess with someone she cares about, you better watch out. She can be quite the daredevil and is the youngest of her friends.

Jamie: Jamie is also a freshman in college. She is extremely responsible and overprotective of her friends, especially Autumn, even though she has no reason to be. She is really smart and caring and doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She's overly nice to everybody even if they don't deserve it. But don't make her mad, you'll regret it. She has extremely long blonde hair and blue eyes. She is very artistic and loves anything art related.

Louis's POV

Were taking a break from One Direction for a bit and starting college today! I'm actually pretty excited. The campus is pretty cool. Instead of dorms we have little houses that fit up to 10 people and the house is awesome. There's 10 bedrooms with a bathroom in each room and a huge kitchen and living room with flat screen tv's. There's even a pool and hot tub.

We just got done moving in and had to fight over which room was who's and I won the fight over my room, Of course! We just got our class schedules and we have the same classes thankfully. The bad thing about the class schedule is we have a class at 8am. Ugh that's way to early for me and I'm always late. Yeah the professors aren't gonna like me.

We went to the store and got some groceries that will probably only last a couple days with 5 guys here, including me. I sat down on the couch only to hear the home phone ring. Who the hell has home phones nowadays..? I got up and answered it to hear the voice of the old lady who gave us our class schedules and house stuff.


"Hi Louis. I'm sorry about this but there was a mix up with your roommates. Your going to have 3 ladies join you. Just until we can get them another house." The lady said.

"Oh.. Okay then. No problem. I'll let the lads know."

"Okay. Thank you. They'll be there in a few minutes."

"Okay. Bye." With that I hung up.

"Ohhhh Lads!!" I yelled and they came in the kitchen.

"What?" Liam asked.

"Three girls are gonna be living with us till they can get their own place."

"Yes!!" Harry cheered.

"I get to call the first dibs!" Niall yelled.

"What! No you don't." Liam said annoyed.

"Yeah, no you don't!" Harry said giving Niall a weird look.

"Yes I do cause I've been single longest!" Niall yelled.

Just then there was a knock on the door. "They're hereee." I said smirking.

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