Lost Boy


1. Lost Boy

Lost boy, where have you been,

For years you have not been seen,

Gone with the wind and clouds,

For the past few years I have always been proud.


But happened when you came back?

Have you slept and never woke up?

From a dream that you will forever be stuck?

Or is it just me who needs a 'good luck'?


Time has passed and we have not spoken,

Up until now, I am broken,

See my soul and see my frown,

You took over my throne and took my crown.


Do you see me in your future?

Time well spent, but less nurture

I need your friendship more than greater,

But you gave me nothing less than lesser.


I hope you find your way,

Me? I'll move on and never stay,

Lost boy, never lose your path,
And never let anyone feel your wrath.



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