Slender *Complete*

Rose is just a normal teenage girl whose legal guardian is Toby Turner (aka Tobuscus). It's a time where Slender is big. Go into Slender Park and you may never come out. But what happens when Rose meets Slender's helper?


10. Wrap-up

*Three Years Later*

"This is awesome," I place a box on the floor of Sam's apartment. "I'm done with high school and am moving in with the best guy in the world."

Sam comes up to me and gives me a kiss. "I'm just glad I get to know you even more. Get to know your deepest secrets."

"Maybe. If you're lucky."

"Oh come on Rose. You know you'll tell me."

"Whatever," I roll my eyes. "Did you know Kristy and James are thinking of moving in together?"

"I did. James is one of my closest friends, next to you."

"Tommy finally broke up with Brittany. About time. Too late to get me, but at least he's away from that whore."

Sam chuckles, "Calm down girly. Don't get angry at him. If you would have gotten with him then you would not have gotten with me."

"True," I giggle. "Do you ever want to go back to Slender's park?"

He frowns, "No. Never. That means I'd have to leave you."

"You are too sweet. I sometimes think about going back to Slender's park because I never did meet him. But then I realized that I already kind of did. You're as close to Slender as I'll get. And you're such a great boyfriend. It's like a two in one."

"Now you're being too sweet."

"Hey, I've found my Slender."

"And I've found my flower."

I giggle, "Let's unpack."

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