Slender *Complete*

Rose is just a normal teenage girl whose legal guardian is Toby Turner (aka Tobuscus). It's a time where Slender is big. Go into Slender Park and you may never come out. But what happens when Rose meets Slender's helper?


2. Toby

*The Next Day-Monday*

"You didn't see him?" Tommy, my best guy friend, asks. He has wavy brown hair; green eyes; white, straight teeth; five foot ten; just turned 16. He's in almost all my classes at school which is what we are walking home from.

"No," I say. "I passed out a few moments after a twig broke. It was just like when I had to be put under when I got my wisdom teeth out. It was very sudden." I have blue eyes; straight, white teeth; five foot eight; 15 years old.

"That's weird Rose," Kristy, my very best friend, say. She has, long, straight, light brown hair; green eyes; has braces; five foot seven; almost 15 years old.

"I know. I also woke up missing five dollars."

"Crazy. What did Toby say?"

"That's he's glad to see me." Toby is my uncle and legal guardian. Most people know him as Tobuscus, though. Yes, Toby Turner from YouTube is my uncle. "He also said if I really want to do it again, I can. But not for a while."

"Wow. He trusts you," Tommy says.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Only that he might lose you. No one would want that. I would not let you go back."

"Oh, well alright."

"Well, he's my stop. Bye guys," Kristy runs up her walkway and disappears inside her house.

Tommy and I continue on walking. "Tommy?" I look at him.

"Yeah," he looks up at the clouds.

"How come you're so protective over me?"

He takes in a breath, "I just don't want you to get hurt."

We stop at my walkway. I look up at him. "Okay." Then I quickly kiss his cheek and run to my front door. Turning back to look at Tommy. He waves and I wave back. Then I walk into my house. Putting my backpack on the table in the front room and then heading to the kitchen. I grab a PopTart before heading to the living room and plopping down on the couch.

It takes minutes for me to make the PopTart disappear, and then a second later Gryphon comes into the room and runs up to me. "Hey bubba," I pick him up and set him by my side.

He snuggles into me.

"Where's Toby?"

"Right here," comes Toby's voice.

I look over and see him. "Where were you?"

He plops down by me, "Editing." I notice his brown eyes look computer tired; his brown hair is curly and all over the place; it always shocks me when I think that he's 28 years old and not much younger, and he's five foot ten.

"Like always," I roll my eyes.

He lets out a chuckle. "Yeah. How was school?"

"Good. Lots of people asked how it went a Slender's Park. Plus, no homework."

"That's good. Wanna play a video game?"

"For TobyGames?"

"If you want."

"Of course."  

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