Slender *Complete*

Rose is just a normal teenage girl whose legal guardian is Toby Turner (aka Tobuscus). It's a time where Slender is big. Go into Slender Park and you may never come out. But what happens when Rose meets Slender's helper?


8. Taken

*An Hour Later*

"Did you make any other friends beside Kristy?" I ask.

"Lots of girls came up and talked to me. Plus some guys from the soccer team started talking to me once it got out I can play soccer," Sam answers. We're on our way to his apartment.

"You play soccer?"

"I do," he grabs my hand. "It's one sport you can practice by yourself."

"That's true. So you must be pretty good at it?"

"I'd say so," he intertwines our fingers.

"Are you going to try out for the team?"


"I'll come to watch you every game."

"Be my little cheerleader."

I giggle, "What are we going to talk about at your apartment?"

"Whatever I want."

*Thirty Minutes Later*

"Why do you go to that school?" Sam hands me a Pepsi.

"What do you mean?" I take a sip of my Pepsi.

"You know what I mean," he stares at me from the other end of the couch. "To get into that school you have to be super talented at something. I'm lucky to have been graced with soccer feet."

I nod, "I'm an artist. I draw anime characters and take pictures of landscape."

"That's cool. Who do you live with?"

"My Uncle Toby. He's a famous YouTuber," I giggle. "That's so weird to say."

"How's living with him like?"

I take another sip of my Pepsi and shrug. "It's cool. He does his videos and I help out with whatever I can. Editing his videos, taking care of his dog, cleaning the house, or making dinner."

"After today at your school I've decided something."

"And what would that be?"

"That I want you to be my girlfriend," he smiles and leans forward. Crawling towards me until our faces are mere inches apart.

"Why me?"

"Do I have to explain again?" You're different and I like that. You are very beautiful as well."

"Oh, alright."

"Is that a yes to becoming my girlfriend?"

I smile, "Yeah."

He smiles, "Good." The he makes the space between us disappear. I smile as his lips connect with mine, and I have to wrap one of my arms around him and pull his just a little bit closer.


I'm am so, so, so very sorry for not posting in like over two months. I have been overwhelmed with all the school work and with most of the teachers being douchebags. School ends in five weeks, and by then I'll be able to post more often. As for now, I'll try and post in the coming week, but I make you no promises. Thanks for sticking with me through this crazy no posting episode.

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