Slender *Complete*

Rose is just a normal teenage girl whose legal guardian is Toby Turner (aka Tobuscus). It's a time where Slender is big. Go into Slender Park and you may never come out. But what happens when Rose meets Slender's helper?


1. Slender's Park

*2012-Slender's Park*

"Slender!" I yell. "Come out! I just want to talk!" My hands run nervously through my blonde curly hair. I've always wanted to do this. I know Slender just needs a friend. "I don't care about your pieces of paper!" Somehow I end up sitting down. Maybe he won't come out. Will this all be for nothing? My uncle called me brave; my friends called me stupid.

I take out my water bottle and take a drink. "I know you're here! Just come out!" I lie down, letting out a breath as I do. My hands resting behind my head as a sort of pillow.

Is all this really worth it? What if it's a fake? But I believe he's real. And a good guy. I want to be his friend. Am I crazy to want that? Maybe I am, but I don't just assume he's bad. I have to get to know someone before I can judge them.

A twig breaks somewhere around me. I look around nervously. Nothing. Not a single thing. Probably some animal scampering through the woods.

"Wuss," I whisper so myself as I lie back down. "Scared over nothing."

Then the darkness over comes me.


So, what do you think? Sorry, it's such a short chapter, didn't want to give too much away. More will be up tomorrow though! Hope you liked it. :D

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