Slender *Complete*

Rose is just a normal teenage girl whose legal guardian is Toby Turner (aka Tobuscus). It's a time where Slender is big. Go into Slender Park and you may never come out. But what happens when Rose meets Slender's helper?


9. Scars

*A Month Later*

Nothing much has happened in the past month. Sam and I talk every day at school and every night on the phone or at his house. Kristy has been trying to get with James through Sam. Soccer is starting up soon and the team is great.

"Hey Rose," Toby plops down next to me on the couch.

"Hey Toby," I bring Gryphon into my lap. "How's the channels going?"

"Fine. How come you are always away?"

"Oh, well that new boy at school, we've become close."

"How close?"

"We're dating," I smile and look at Gryphon.

"Ah, my little girl is growing up," he chuckles.

"I'm not little. And I'm just your niece."

"But you've been here so long that I feel like I've raised you. You make every day enjoyable."

"Shush up," I give him a little shove. "I'll have to tell Sam not to come over for dinner tonight."

"Sorry. I'll stop teasing."

*A Few Hours Later*

"Toby, this is Sam," I smile as I introduce the two. "And Sam, this is my Uncle Toby."

"Nice to meet ya'," Toby smiles and shakes Sam's hand.

"Same to you, sir," Sam smiles.

"Call me Toby," he spins on his heel and leads us to the living room.

Sam and I sit down on the couch while Toby takes a seat on the recliner.

"So, what are we having for dinner?" Sam asks.

"I'm lazy, so I ordered a pizza," Toby smiles.

"Sounds good to me."

"I don't want to be pushy, but what up with the sick burns on your face?"

I've been asking Sam quite a lot to tell me what happened for him to get those burn scars. He won't tell me and I don't press him to tell me. He'll tell me when he's ready and I'll wait until that day.

"You're not pushing. Rose has been asking me about them since I first came to her school," Sam says. "This seems like a good time to tell. Um, I was around eight years old when it happened. I was close to a car accident, and it exploded. Fire reached me and got my face. I was far enough away though, that I wasn't hurt too bad."

"Oh, wow," I don't know what else to say.

"At least it was only a few scars," Toby says.

The doorbell rings to save us from really awkward silence. Toby rushes to the front door while I move closer to Sam.

"Thanks for telling us," I gently grab his face. "It means a lot," I connect our lips.

Sam pulls away a few seconds later. "You're welcome. Now all that's left is you to become mine," he smirks.

"Like move in with you and such?"
"Pretty much."

"When we graduate. I promise."

"Fine. I'll wait until then."

"Good. Now, Toby should be back any second. We shouldn't be too cozy."

"Agreed." We move a little bit away from each other. "I love you Rose."

I smile as a slight heat comes to my cheeks, "I love you too, Sam."

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