tell me a lie

" come back I need you in my life" Harry and calum both say at the same time.


5. the truth

next morning

Louis p.o.v

I woke up the next day to the smell of eggs and bacon. when I went to go see who was cooking it was vanessa. "morning vanessa how did you sleep last night''? '' I slept really good last night , what about you"? "fine''. After that vanessa had finished cooking and I went to go wake the guys. Everybody was already down there except for harry. I went into harry room and he was just on his phone. '' hey mate, breakfast is ready''. he didn't reply '' are you alright''. " oh uh yeah I'm alright i'll be down In a sec". I just left his room and I heard screaming in the kitchen  I ran in worried and I saw vanessa getting tickled by calum. I cleared my throat and they both looked up and vanessa got out of calum grip and I just had a big smile plastard on my face and calum just got up and ran to his room.

calums p.o.v

come on calum put on your big boy pants and just ask her out already. We were all in the living room just watching a movie I was right by vanessa. I whispered " Vanessa" she looked up and said '' yes calum"." do you want to go walk around London with me right now"? Calum Thomas Hood are you asking me out on a date". She said rathering surprised. " if you want it to be". With that she walked out the room and in ten minutes she was all ready. The boys  looked at both of us with huge smiles on their faces  except for harry. If looks could kill I would already be dead.

Harry p.o.v

I can't believe calum asked her out and she said yes  I just stormed off to my room when they left. I was getting ready to go to the club. Because why am I going to be crying over a girl that doesn't like me like the way I like her. When I was ready I just left. When I got to the club I went straight to the bar. I asked for the strongest drink they had, when I was waiting there was this cute girl with black hair and brown eyes. She came up to me and asked if I wanted to dance with her I nodded my head and we went on the crowded dance floor. She started grinding on me while I had my hands around her hips. I whispered in her ear '' let's take this back to my flat". with that I dragged her out of the club and we were heading to my flat. When we got there everybody was in the living room and they looked at  the door and Louis got up and said " where the hell have you been harry and who is this"? " I went to a club and ran into an old friend of mine" I winked at her and she played along. "hi i'm Kristina, nice to meet you". Then we just went in my room and you know what happens next......

next morning

My head was pounding I went downstairs to get some pain killers and I saw calum and vanessa kissing I got really mad and I went up to calum and punched him in the face. Vanessa was telling me to stop but I didn't listen until she went in front of calum and I accidentally hit her in the jaw then out of no where calum started puching me while vanessa was crying then all the boys had to take calum off of me and Louis said "what happened in here''? I just went up to vanessa and said " I am so sorry vanessa I didn't mean to hit you in the face". She didn't even look at me and calum yelled "DON'T YOU EVER COME NEAR HER EVER AGAIN DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME" and with that I went up to my room and told Kristina to get out and she did as she was told.

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