tell me a lie

" come back I need you in my life" Harry and calum both say at the same time.


3. the roomates

When I gave Harry the big hug and kiss he took me back to his place. When we got to his house and he opened the door to the house we heard laughing from the living room we went to go check who was in the living room it was the rest of one direction and 5 seconds of summer. Louis said "Harry what did we say about bringing strangers to the house". I was biting my bottom lip trying not to laugh but I couldn't take it so I bursted out laughing and everybody was looking at me weird but I didn't care what they think about me. " Guys this is Vanessa". Harry said. " Hello". I said in a shy voice

Calum p.o.v.

She was so beautiful in every way you could think of. "Harry what did we say about bringing strangers to the house". Louis said. out of no where she just started laughing and everyone was looking at her weird but I thought it was cute. Anyways Harry said "Guys this is Vanessa". " Hello" she said in a shyly voice looking down the floor. Which I thought was adorable. It was awkward for a little bit but then my phone was vibrating and it was a text from Harry:/ "Back off she's mine". me: Sorry mate but can't do that, she's perfect. Harry: Well I saw her first so back off. I thought to myself he just started war. me: like I said mate I will not back off she's ment to be with me. harry: ok we will see about that.

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