tell me a lie

" come back I need you in my life" Harry and calum both say at the same time.


4. getting to know her

When I stopped laughing the guys told me sit down and I did as I was told. When I sat down I kept looking towards harry and calum they were texting and I could tell harry was getting really mad. When they stopped calum went to sit right next to me and asked "how old are you Vanessa, what is your favorite color, are you single, and are you ready to date anybody"? "17,teal,yes,and yes. Then Louis asked "How come your not with your parents''? When he asked me that my heart just shattered and I just started to cry and harry and calum ran up to me and told me not to cry but I told them I was fine. After I calmed myself down I answered Louis question"well, they just kicked me out and told me that they couldn't take care of me anymore and so then I packed my bags and took money from them". They all just looked at me with sad faces and then they just went to asking me questions. Louis asked "do you love carrots and superman"?" yes and no i'm a batman girl.

Calum p.o.v

After what Vanessa told us what her parents did to her when they kicked her out. My heart just shattered and I fell for her even more and then I just stared at her the whole time she talked then I started to look at her with puppy dog eyes then all the boys except for Harry were like "stop staring at her". Then Louis said "Vanessa sorry about that but I think he likes you". Then we both just started to blush just when everybody saw harry stormed off. Then I got a text from everybody.

Louis: Just ask her out mate

Zayn: looks like someone has a crush

Liam: Take her out on a date mate

Niall: Calum+Vanessa oh la la

Harry: I warned you to back off but you didn't so  you better watch out

luke: Take her out and show her a good time around london

ashton: My calum is growing up so fast

miachel: Take her out on a date or something

Louis p.o.v

What's up with Harry? I will just let him calm down and tomorrow I will talk to him.

Harry p.o.v

When I saw that calum was looking at Vanessa I started to get mad but then I got more mad when all the boys said "Stop staring at her". Louis then said to Vanessa ''Sorry about that but I think he likes you". Then I just stormed off to my room and I texted calum.

me: I warned you to back  off but you didn't so you better watch out.

Vanessa will be mine not calum's.


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