That Summer

Spencer is a girl who is not afraid to stand up for what she wants and who she wants when she meets the mysterious boy on her vacation with her best friends will she risk it all just to be with him or will she let it all go and let the past be in the past

So this is my first one written so yah it might be kinda bad ��


1. That Summer

It all started that summer, the summer that I met them, the summer that I fell in love for the first time and the summer I risked it all, all for him, Niall Horan.

Well I'm getting way ahead of myself let's get back to the beginning, the last day of school.

"Spence do you really have to leave" said her two best friends Ashley and Tess. "Guys member when I said that I had a surprise for you well, since you guys are going to miss me so much why don't you just come along everything's paid for and your bags are packed because your parents already said yes""OMG really you are the best friend ever I don't know what u would do without you" said Ashley

*Skip till next morning*

"Ok guys do you have everything, then let's go so we don't miss our flight to Australia.""coming"

"Spencer someone's here at the door for you" my mom yelled

I ran down stairs and a big smile came across my face as I saw Noel his hair was shining in the sun and his blue eyes looked deeper than the ocean. Noel hugged me and kissed me softly then he took my bags to the car. As Ashley and Tess and I walked to the car we were talking About how we can't wait to get there and do all the fun things and how we are going go to the beach every day. Before I got in the car me and Noel had a talk we both agreed that it would be a while before I came back and that we should pick things up when I got back, we were both devastated, but we realized it was for the best.

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