He's my brother

Alyssa, Emma and Maddy grew up together they where abused they where for sent to a Orphanage when they where 6 and 7, 11 years later Alyssa,Maddy and Emma wanted to find out who their family was. The girls find out that Niall Horan is Alyssa and Maddy's brother and Harry styles is Emma's brother, when the girls got old enough to leave the Orphanage they try to find there brothers what will happen when the girls realize that the boys are one direction. Do the girls except that. What are the boys going think when there sisters find them. Will Niall and Harry except that the girls are falling in love


9. chapter 9

The girls were home watching TV, when Alyssa's phone rang.


N-"hi is Emma there"

A-"yea hold on"

Alyssa passed the phone to Emma.



E-"oh hi Niall"

N-"umm so what are you doing tonight"


N-"oh ok well I'll talk to you later"


Then Emma over heard Louis in the background saying "ask her now."

E-"what does he mean ask me what"

N-"it's nothing but I have to go bye"

Then Niall hung up the phone, Emma knew that it was something, but she payed not mind to it so she went and sat back down with Alyssa who was watching TV. Maddy came out and she sat down next to them. No one was talking and the TV was muted, so Emma trying to break the silence says.

E-"a gay baby was born"


E-"it was silent so a gay baby was born"

M-"now see Alyssa this is what I don't get about her she makes no sense"

E-"haha very funny"

Emma and Maddy stuck there tongues out at each other. Today Emma and Alyssa were gonna introduce Maddy to the boys, for real this time. They left about a half an hour later because they had to get ready. The drive there was only about 10 minutes, but to the girls it seems like it is an hour. When they were half way there Alyssa turned on the music, it was a one direction song. The song was Midnight Memories, Alyssa's favourite.she turned the volume up as loud as it can go, they couldn't even hear themselves thinking. Maddy and Alyssa were jamming out to it, while Emma was sitting back in discuss. When they got there they didn't knock, they just walked right in.


H-"hi we are in the kitchen"

Z-"oh and yea you don't need to knock" He said sarcastically.

E-"good we weren't gonna plan on it"

N-"I'm making chicken do you guys want any"


E-"YES Mmmmm chicken"

M-"no thanks."

N-"ok more for me... Well kinda."

Lou-"guys come in the best part of the movie is coming on"

M-"what are you watching"


L-"he's watching a romantic movie idk what it's called"

Emma looked at Louis like he's a zoo animal. But they got to the point why they came, so they could introduce Maddy to the boys. Alyssa stood up on there kitchen table, wobbling trying to catch her balance.

A-"ok everyone you haven't fully met my sister Maddy, her name is Maddy, wait I just said that. Oh never mind let me rephrase that. This is-"

E-"that's Maddy and she is Niall's sister, everyone say hello"




Z-"hi I'm Zayn"

M-"hi but umm yea I already know who you are cause your kinda in one direction."

Z-"oh yea" He said awkwardly.

E-"umm what about you Niall"

When everyone looked on the couch Niall wasn't there, they looked in the kitchen and he was stuffing his face with the raw chicken he was to lazy to bake. Emma went in the kitchen to get him.

E-"what are you doing"


E-"what your effing...who haha

N-"smory un sfek"


N-"sorry I was eating and I couldn't talk, as you can see"

E-"ok well come in the living room everyone is saying hi to Maddy."


Emma and Niall went out in the living room where the others were. Niall said hello to Maddy and they were talking for a little bit, ya know brother, sister bonding time.


M-"hi, so as I heard you are my brother"

N-"yup so umm what's...up"

M-"nothing hbu"

N-"well my opinion would be the sky but nothing is fine to I guess haha"

M-"omg you remind me so much of Emma.... I hate it."

E-"hey are you guys talking about me.. Well who wouldn't want to talk about me."


Then Maddy walks over to Emma, puts her hand in her face then pusses her away. Emma and Alyssa sat on the couch with the rest of the guys until Maddy and Niall were done talking. The movie that Louis was watching was apparently the titanic, worlds stupidest movie. Alyssa looked over at him and he was starting to tear up.

A-"omg Louis get a life you know jack is gonna die so stop wimping about it."

E-"haha you just got told by a girl- oh wait never mind you didn't, but you still got told"


E-"hey what can I say, I'm a bitch in disguise, oh and you should know me by now when I get to insult someone I take the chance."

Lou-"oh and Alyssa I'm sure you cried in a movie before."

A- "actually as a matter a fact I did, it was in Marley and me when Marley dies, but to be honest I think the problem you have with crying is a lot different then mine."

Maddy and Niall come back after they were finished talking and we sat on the couch deciding what movie to watch next. Louis says we should watch toy story, but Emma says we should watch Marley and me to make Alyssa suffer. Everyone agreed with Emma, even Louis did. Threw the whole movie Alyssa and Harry were talking about random crap.

H-"so what's up"

A-"nothing" she said trying to hold back her tears cause of the movie

H-"are you crying"

A-"noo my eyes are just raining, yes I'm crying why did everyone have to agree on this movie."

H-"hah Idk maybe people just like watching other people suffer"he points at her but turns his head looking away from her.

A-"dick" she said sarcastically.

E-"I'm going to look for food"

N-"oooo I could go for some food"

H-"let's get back to watching the movie."


Emma and Niall went out in the kitchen. Emma was gonna show Niall how to cook a chicken properly without having to eat it raw, but then something came to her mind.

E-"umm Niall about when I was talking to you on the phone"

N-"yea what about it"

E-"well I want to know why Louis said ask her now. I mean what was he talking about"

N-"oh he was..err umm oh he wanted me to ask you if you guys would like to come over for supper." He smiled awkwardly.

E-"ok well that's very sweet, but tell me the real reason"

N-ok ya know what I'm gonna come out clean he wanted me to ask you if you wanted to... Umm ya know...go out with me."

Emma couldn't say nothing she was completely shocked that Niall just said that. Emma would say yes but there is one problem... It's wondering what harry would think, actually what he would do.


Hey guys I hoped you liked it we will update again soon, please no hate- Tanya, Joie and Maddy

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