He's my brother

Alyssa, Emma and Maddy grew up together they where abused they where for sent to a Orphanage when they where 6 and 7, 11 years later Alyssa,Maddy and Emma wanted to find out who their family was. The girls find out that Niall Horan is Alyssa and Maddy's brother and Harry styles is Emma's brother, when the girls got old enough to leave the Orphanage they try to find there brothers what will happen when the girls realize that the boys are one direction. Do the girls except that. What are the boys going think when there sisters find them. Will Niall and Harry except that the girls are falling in love


8. chapter 8

Chapter 8

Maddy's POV

Maddy came home from her friends house early. When she got home she put her stuff in her room then she went into Emma's room but Emma wasn't there so she went into Alyssa's room and Alyssa wasn't there. Maddy didn't know where Emma and Alyssa was so Maddy called Emma's cell phone. When Maddy called Emma's phone a guy picked up.



M-"who is this"

"Aaa...you don't need to know"

M-"tell me"

Emma takes the phone


M-"hi,where are you"

E-"I am a friends house"

M-"I am coin got get you where are you"

E-"Maddy I am fine I will be home soon.

Emma hangs up the phone. Maddy wanted to know where Emma was so she went to the police station. When she got there the cops asked what's wrong and she said she wanted to find her friend. So the cops traced where the phone was and Maddy went to that house. Maddy pulled up to the house, the house looked like a castle. "Why the fuck would Emma be here" Maddy was thinking. Maddy got out of the car and went up to the big door and knocked. This some what tall boy with black hair opened the door.


M-"hi I am looking for my friend"

Z-"A.. What is your friends name"

M-"her name is Emma, Emma styles"

Z-"oh yeh there is a Emma styles here just one sec"


Zayn yells Emma's name and she comes down the stairs.


M-"hey why are you here"

E-"umm..come in I have some explaining to do"


Emma and Maddy go into the living room Maddy sits on the couch and Emma is standing in front of her.

M-"so what do you need to tell me"

E-"this is a long story, well Harry is my brother but you know that and this is Harry's house, me and Alyssa woke at strip club and Harry and Niall found me and Alyssa there then they took us here oh and Niall is your brother that is pretty much it"

M-"WTF, you mean you are at one directions house and Alyssa is with you and you two work at a strip club and Niall is my brother"

E-"ya I literally just said that 10 secs ago"

M-"where is Alyssa"

E-"yeh where is Alyssa"

N-"she was in bed with you"

E-"no she wasn't"

N-"well where is she then"

E-"I don't know"

N-"I check upstairs"

E-I'll check down here"

Niall went upstairs and checked all the rooms except for Harry's Niall went into Harry's room. When he opened the door he seen Harry but there was no Alyssa, Niall went on the other side of the bed and he seen blond hair. He yelled WHAT THE FUCK. That made Alyssa fall out of bed by he's feet and Harry jumped up as fast as he could. By the time Alyssa was getting up everyone was up in Harry's room.

A-"what the hell Niall"

N-"don't what the hell me why where you on bed with Harry"

A-"I don't know"

N-"what to you mean I don't no"

A-"the last thing I remember was on the couch with Harry watching TV"

N-"how did you get in he's bed"

A-"I don't know ask him"

Niall went over to Harry

N-"how did she get in your bed"

H-"she fell asleep on the couch so I took her up stairs I went in your room where Emma was but Emma was taking up the hole bed so brought her in my room"

N-"what would you do that"

H-"I don't know I wasn't thinking"

A-"nothing happen Niall and if it did you can't get mad I am 19 not 10"

N-"still you are my little sister"

A-"I know but you can't baby me"

N-"what ever if I see you and Harry getting close you will be grounded for life"


E-"so guys what do you want to do"

M-"I am going home I don't know about you two but I am"

A-"I want to go home two"

E-"same here"

Everybody went down the stairs and the girls said goodbye to the boys and went out to the car and left to go home.

The boys POV

Everyone was in the living room watching TV when Louis said something to Harry.

Lou-"so Harry when are you and Alyssa doing it"

H-"Louis shut up"

N-"yeh Harry when are you"

H-"never guys I don't like her"

L-"you can't take a girl to bed and not like her"

H-"we didn't do anything we just went to bed"

Lou-"but you wanted to do something right"

H-"yes no wait what"

N-"what did you say"

H-"nothing I am going to my room"

Lou-"yeh probably to dream about Alyssa"

H-"shut up Louis"

Harry went up to his room.

Z-"so I thought that Maddy girl was cute"

Lou-"me too"

Z-"back off"

Lou-"who did you like Niall"

N-"well I think Emma is cute"

L-"so you are aloud to like Harry's sister but he can't like your sister"

N-"yeh pretty much"

Z-"well that's fucked up"

L-"why don't you ask her out tmr"

N-"yeh I am going to"

H-"guys we have to go Paul called me he's wants us to right more songs"


All the boys left to go see Paul.


Hey guys, in this chapter everyone knows each other now and Niall is going to ask Emma out and Zayn is staring to like Maddy. -love Tanya Joie and Maddy

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