He's my brother

Alyssa, Emma and Maddy grew up together they where abused they where for sent to a Orphanage when they where 6 and 7, 11 years later Alyssa,Maddy and Emma wanted to find out who their family was. The girls find out that Niall Horan is Alyssa and Maddy's brother and Harry styles is Emma's brother, when the girls got old enough to leave the Orphanage they try to find there brothers what will happen when the girls realize that the boys are one direction. Do the girls except that. What are the boys going think when there sisters find them. Will Niall and Harry except that the girls are falling in love


2. Chapter 2

Alyssa woke up first, Alyssa got out of her bed and snuck passed Maddy's room, Alyssa went into Emma's room she found the folder on Emma's bed. Alyssa picked it up and when she was walking out the door Emma woke and said

E-"what are you doing"

A-"nothing you are dreaming"

E-"oh okay"

Emma went back a sleep, Alyssa went down the stairs she went into the kitchen and mad herself some tea, when the tea was ready Alyssa went to the table she opened the folder and started to read it. It said that Emma real name was Emma Rose Styles her mother was Emily Styles and her dad was Jim Styles, it said that Emma had a brother but he went missing at brith, no one has heard from her brother there was no trace of him. Emma's brother was the only thing she had left of her family. Alyssa heard footsteps coming down the stairs, when Alyssa looked around the corner she saw her sister Maddy.

A-" what the hell are you doing up so early"

M-"I don't know I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep"


M-"so did you find anything about Emma"

A-"ya I found out that Emma has a brother and he went missing at brith"



M-"are we going to tell Emma???"

A-"ya I will tell her when she gets up"

M-"okay well I am going to go watch TV for a little"


When Maddy went in the living room she saw Emma coming down the stairs. Emma went into the kitchen, Emma went right to the fridge, she didn't ever see Alyssa sitting at the table. When Emma turned around she saw Alyssa at the table and yelled.

E-"what the hell Alyssa you scared me"


E-"shut up, so did you find anything??"

A-"well you name is Emma Rose Styles and you have a brother"

E-"oh cool wait did you say I have a brother "

A-" ya you have a brother but he went missing at brith and they don't know here he is"

E-" do you know his name"

A-"no they didn't say his name"

E-" well we have to go back to the hospital"

Maddy came into the kitchen

M-"what the hell it all this fighting"

A-" Emma wants to go back to the hospital to find out who her brother is

E-" well if you where in my shoes would you want to find out who he is"

A-" ya I guess"

M-"well if they don't know where he is they might know his name"

E-"ya listen to Maddy can we go PLASE"

A-"fine get dressed we are going"

Maddy and Emma went upstairs and got dressed when they came down stairs Alyssa has the keys in her hand ready to go. Emma ran out the door and yelled shot gun.

M-"that is no far she had it last time"

A-"OMG get in the car"

The girls got in the car it took them 20 mins to get to the hospital. When the got there Emma got out of the and ran over to the hospital door.

E-"are you guys coming"

M-"yes we're coming"

Maddy and Alyssa went over beside Emma the walked into the hospital and Alyysa went over to the desk

"You again" the girl said"

A-"my friend wants to no her brothers name"

"Sorry I can't tell you that"

A-"tell me or there will be consequences"

"I am not telling you" the girl said

A-"okay then, hey Emma come here"

E-" you called"

A-" ya she won't tell me"

E-"oh really"

Emma took the desk lady by the shirt.

E-"you will tell me or I will hurt you"

"Fine fine your brothers name is is"

E-"is WHAT"

"Is is Harry Harry Styles" the girls said

A-"you mean Harry styles as Harry styles in the band one direction"

"I don't know but that is his name" the girl said

E-" you did good and thanks"

M-"can we leave now"

A-"ya we can"

They girls lifted the hospital and went back to their house. When they got home they all went to the kitchen and sat at the table.

M-"what are we going to do if it is that Harry styles we have to of to London"

A-"we have to go that is are only chance"

M-" you right how are we getting that kind of money"

E-"I have 1000 in the bank"

A-"together me and Maddy have 2000 dollars, but we need money to stay there and if we don't have enough"

M-"well we can get some if me you and Emma get a job we can what we need"

E-"ya listen to Maddy"

A-"I guess but what kind if jobs are we going to get"

M-"I don't know let's got look"

All the girls went out to look for some jobs......


Hi guys hope you like it, me Joie and Maddy are trying to update. Well the girls are trying to save money to go to London. Oh and the girls have their own place they don't live in the foster home anymore. Plz not hate thanks

Love Maddy Joie and Tanya

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