He's my brother

Alyssa, Emma and Maddy grew up together they where abused they where for sent to a Orphanage when they where 6 and 7, 11 years later Alyssa,Maddy and Emma wanted to find out who their family was. The girls find out that Niall Horan is Alyssa and Maddy's brother and Harry styles is Emma's brother, when the girls got old enough to leave the Orphanage they try to find there brothers what will happen when the girls realize that the boys are one direction. Do the girls except that. What are the boys going think when there sisters find them. Will Niall and Harry except that the girls are falling in love


12. chapter 12

Chapter 12

The boys POV

Harry woke up and went down stairs he was in the kitchen when Liam cames down. Liam went to the fridge and got some milk and got some simon toast crunch and went to the table that is when Niall came down"

N-"why do you look to tired Liam"

L-"oh I was up texting Alyssa"

N-"oh what where you two talking about"


H-"do you like her or something"

L-"so what if I do like her you like Maddy anyway"

H-"I was just wondering"

N-"okay then what do you guys want to do today"

L-"do you want to the park"

M-"why not do you was to come Harry"

H-"yeah I will"

*Knock knock*

L-"I'll get it"

Liam goes to the door and when he opens it he finds Alyssa Emma and Maddy. Alyssa and Emma had bloody mouth and nose and Maddy had a bruise on her face.

L-"what the fuck happen"

M-"these three guys jumped us"

L-"come in"

The girls come and sit at the table.

N-H"what happen" Niall and Harry said

E-"we got jumped"

N-"where are the guys who did this"

E-"oh don't get your balls in a twist me and Alyssa took care of it"

A-"what balls"

N-"shut up Alyssa"

A-"okay then"

L-"Alyssa come up stairs I will fix you up"

H-"come on Maddy I will fix you"

N-"I guess I am stuck with you"

E-"hahaha what ever"

The boys where fixing the girls, After the girls where okay everyone went down in the living room. They where watching Dead Silence Niall was in Emma's arm crying half to death, Maddy was in Harry's arm hiding her face and Alyssa was siting on Liam's lap and Liam had his arms around her. After the movie it was 8:00 and the girls didn't want to go home so they where staying the night. Alyssa went it bed with Liam and Maddy went it bed with Harry and Emma slept with Niall. Everyone was a sleep except for Niall and Emma. Niall started to tickle Emma and Emma got on top of Niall and the started to kiss then Niall took off Emma's top they with kissing some more when Emma took off her bra and then Niall toke off his pants and then Emma took off her pants and they went under the covers..

In the morning

Alyssa got up and went in the shower she took her iPad in with her and she was listening to midnight memories. Alyssa was dancing when the door opened, Alyssa heard the door she peaked out the curtain and she see Harry brushing his teeth.

A-"what are you doing"

H-"what does it look like"

A-"I am in the shower"

H-"yeah what is your point"

A-"the point is I am butt naked"

H-"does it look like I care"

A-"why are you being such a ass"

H-"why don't you ask Liam"


Alyssa didn't know what Harry was taking about, Alyssa got out of the shower and got some clothes on and went out to the living room. Everyone was in the living room. They where just sitting there doing nothing. Alyssa sat next Harry but he got up and moved next to Maddy.

A-"what the fuck did I do to you Harry"


A-"then why are you being a dick"

H-"why are you being a slut"

A-"that is the meanest thing anyone has said to me" Alyssa said starting to cry

Alyssa ran out the door as fast as she could.

N-"don't call my sister a slut or.."

H-"or what"

N-"I will fucking beat your face in"

E-"okay you two break it up"

M-"oh Harry this is what you get for calling my sister a slut"

Maddy punches Harry right in the face

H-"WTF Maddy I didn't do anything to you"

M-"you mess with my sister you mess with me"

Meanwhile Alyssa was down by the river putting her name is the dirt with her finger. Then Liam comes out of the woods and sits by Alyssa.

L-"are you okay"


L-"you like him don't you"

A-"you can tell"


A-"oh, you aren't mad are you"

L-"no why would I be I am happy for you"

A-"aww thanks, so how are you and Sophie"

L-"good we are back together thanks to you"

A-"I am happy for you and do you know why Harry is mad at me"

L-"no I don't no why"


L-"let's go back to the house it is getting dark"


Back at the house

Emma and Niall were eating and Harry and Maddy where cooking while Zayn and Louis were watching TV. When Alyssa went in the Kitchen everyone looked at her.

H-" Alyssa can I talk to you"

A-"why so you can call me down some more"

H-"No it is important"


Harry and Alyssa went out to the backyard Alyssa sat on the swing and Harry sat beside her.

H-"look I was a asshole I no and I am sorry for calling you a slut"

A-"okay whatever"

H-"why are you mad I said I was sorry"

A-"Harry I really liked you and when you told me I was a slut it broke my heart"

H-"you liked me"

A-"I did"

H-"well do you forgive me"

A-"yes I forgive you"


Harry and Alyssa went back in the house and Maddy and Emma took Alyssa upstairs. They went into Niall's room.

E-"what did he say"

M-"you can't just ask what did he say give her a min,so what did he say"

E-"WTF Maddy"

A-"he said he was sorry"

E-"that is it"

A-"yeah why"

E-"well he said.."

M-"shut up Emma"

A-"why what did he say"

M-"you have to tell her now"

A-"tell me"

E-"okay he said to us that he really liked you and he went out with Maddy to mad you mad and he was mad that you were going out with Liam"

A-"he said he liked me and I wasn't going out with Liam we were just friends"

M-"Harry didn't think that"

A-"oh fuck"

E-"what did you do"

A-"I said to Harry I used to like him"

E-"you fucking retarded little person"

A"okay I am older then you"

E-"whatever I am taller"

M-"let's got back down stairs"


The girls went back down the stairs when Maddy said her and Zayn were going out.


Hey guys hope you liked it, so what happen is that Harry and Alyssa are okay now and Niall and Emma had sex and Maddy is going out with Zayn. That's it ~love~Tanya Joie and Maddy

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