He's my brother

Alyssa, Emma and Maddy grew up together they where abused they where for sent to a Orphanage when they where 6 and 7, 11 years later Alyssa,Maddy and Emma wanted to find out who their family was. The girls find out that Niall Horan is Alyssa and Maddy's brother and Harry styles is Emma's brother, when the girls got old enough to leave the Orphanage they try to find there brothers what will happen when the girls realize that the boys are one direction. Do the girls except that. What are the boys going think when there sisters find them. Will Niall and Harry except that the girls are falling in love


10. chapter 10

Hi guys we are you continuing from chapter 9.

Emma and Niall where still in the kitchen, Emma didn't know what to tell Niall she wanted to go out with him but she didn't know Harry would do.

E-"Niall I would love to but will Harry think"

N-"I don't i think he will be mad at first but he will get over it"

E-"yeh you are right, you know what I would love to go out with you"




E-"well this is awkward let's go back in the living room"


Emma and Niall went back into the living. Emma sat next to Maddy and Alyssa and Niall sat next to Liam. After 20 mins the movie was over.

A-"so what do you guys want to do"

L-"why don't we go to the beach"

A-"are you kidding"

L-"no I am serious"

E-"it sounds like fun can we go"

A-"fine lets go"

M-"we will meet you guys there"


The girls went back to there house Maddy got a purple bikini on Emma had a neon green bikini on and Alyssa had a neon orange bikini on. After the girls got on there bikinis on they got some towels and went out the door. When the got to the beach the boys were already there. Alyssa parked the car and all of them got out and ran down to the beach. Maddy went over to the boys but Alyssa and Emma went right to the water.

M-"hey guys"

"Hi" they all said

Lou-"where is Emma and Alyssa"

M-"they went to the water"


Maddy and the boys where sitting around the fire when Emma and Alyssa came up soaking wet they sat next to Maddy.

M-"did you have a nice swim"

E-"yes we did"

A-"the water was awesome"

E-"hey Harry can I talk to you"


Harry and Emma get up from the fire and walk over to the water.

H-"so what do you need to tell me em"

E-"me and Niall are...."

H-"are what"



Harry walks over to the fire and takes Niall by his shit.

N-"what the hell"

H-"you are dating my sister"

N-"who told you"


N-"what the Emma why would you tell him"

E-"he had to know"

H-"you better not hurt her or I will kill you"

N-"don't worry I won't"

H-" you better not"

Harry let Niall go and he walked over by Maddy and sat down. Everyone was sitting there when Alyssa said something.

A-"so does anyone want to go for a walk with me"

Everyone said no except for Liam

L-"I will"


Alyssa and Liam left the fire. They were walking a long the water.

L-"so what's up"

A-"oh nothing just walking with a asshole"

L-"oh shut up"

A-"I will if you can catch me"

L-" Challenge accepted "

Alyssa started to run and she was running as fast she could but it wasn't fast enough. Liam came up behind her crabbed her by the wast and pulled her close. Alyssa tripped over her feet and fell on the ground and she took Liam with here. Liam was on top of Alyssa. Liam got off Alyssa they where just sitting on the sand just talking and that is when Liam kissed Alyssa.

A-"what are you doing"

L-"I thought you wanted me to do that"

A-"Liam I like you but not like that"


E-"and don't you have a girlfriend"

L-"no we broke up"

A-"let me talk to her"

L-"would you really"


L-"thanks" Liam hugged Alyssa


L-"we better get back to the fire"


Alyssa and Liam went back to the fire, Alyssa sat next to Liam who was by Harry. Harry got up and walked over by Maddy and sat next to her. Alyssa didn't know what Harry's problem was but she didn't say anything. Then Emma suggested to play truth or dare, everyone said yes"

E-"okay I will go first, Louis truth or dare"


E-"I dare you to make out with Zayn for 2 mins"


After Louis was done Louis asked Alyssa truth or dare


Lou-"oh we got a badass over here, I dear you to skinny dip with Liam and kiss"

A-"what that is a lot"

Lou-"so you are chickening out"

A-"hell no"

Alyssa took Liam by the hand and went to the water everyone fallowed behind. Alyssa went in the water and took off her top and bottoms and through them to Emma. Then Liam went in the water and took of his shirt and then his shorts and through them to Louis. Alyssa and Liam got closer and closer then the kissed. After that Emma through her clothes to Alyssa and Louis did the same they went back to the fire.

A-"well that was fun and wet if you know what I mean"

Emma pissed herself and Niall looked at her with a mad face.

E-"okay who's next"


E-"okay Alyssa dear him"

A-"okay, truth or dare"


A-"who would you have sex with here"


N-"what first Alyssa now Maddy what the hell"

H-"that is who I picked"

Alyssa looked really sad because she thought that Harry was going to say her, but he didn't.

M-"okay next"

H-" Emma truth or dare"


H-"I dare you to make out with Niall"

E-"no prob"

Emma jumped on Niall's lap and started kissing him. Meanwhile everyone was almost puking because it was gross"

A-"okay that is enough"


E-"okay who is next"

M-"can we stop I want to go home and go too bed"

A-"who with Harry"

Alyssa got up and left

E-"well that is are Q to leave, see you guys tmr"

The boys said bye.

Emma and Maddy went to the car and Alyssa was on there ready to go. They girls lest the hole ride home there wasn't a Word. When she girls got home they went too there rooms and went to bed.


Hey guys, hoped you liked it, Emma is going with Niall and Harry and Alyssa hate each other and a lot of stuff is going to happen in chapter 10 thanks - love Tanya Joie Maddy

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