He's my brother

Alyssa, Emma and Maddy grew up together they where abused they where for sent to a Orphanage when they where 6 and 7, 11 years later Alyssa,Maddy and Emma wanted to find out who their family was. The girls find out that Niall Horan is Alyssa and Maddy's brother and Harry styles is Emma's brother, when the girls got old enough to leave the Orphanage they try to find there brothers what will happen when the girls realize that the boys are one direction. Do the girls except that. What are the boys going think when there sisters find them. Will Niall and Harry except that the girls are falling in love


1. Chapter 1

Emma was seven years old when she got taken form her parents, her mom and dad abused her, finally she got help and she got sent to an orphanage. When she got there she got adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Horan. Emma was really happy because she got to live her life but this time she had two sisters one was 7 and the other one was 8.  But Emma didn't realize that Mr. and Mrs. Horan abused  there own kids so Emma was going  back into a hell hole but with two sisters by her side One day the three girls went off to school and on the way home they seen a police officer and they decided that they didn't want to live this horrible life! They told the cop EVERYTHING!  The cop took the 3 little children into the office and sent them to an adoption centre!  They spent the next 11 years in and out of homes until finally they were legally adults and could leave that horrible place. 


When they were free there was 1 mission that the three girls wanted to do- Find their long lost siblings that they knew were out there somewhere.  By now Emma and Maddy were 18 and Alyssa was 19

Maddy is a average girl who had brown hair green eyes and was very athletic and smart.

Alyssa was tall and pretty she had blue eyes and blond hair she was a little smart but she more street smart

Emma was some what tall she had blue eyes and brown hair, Emma was a little street smart. She was the one in the group that got the others girls in trouble.


The girls didn't know how to find there siblings but they knew that there parents were killed in a car crash so that leaves them nothing. Emma didn't know her last name but Maddy and Alyssa knew that their last name was Horan but that didn't help much. Emma's name was switched to Horan but that wasn't her real name. Alyssa had this idea to go to the hospital to find out what was Emma's last name. The girls went to the hospital (E= Emma M=Maddy A=Alyssa)


E-"Hi my name is Emma Horan I was adopted, I want to find out my real last name and if I have any siblings"


"How old are you" the lady at the desk said

E-"I am 18 years old"

"Sorry but you are not old enough"

E-"what do you mean I am 18 I am a adult"

"You have to be 19 to find that stuff out sorry but that is the only way" the girl said

E-"fine then"


Emma stepped away from the desk


E-"what are we going to do I have to be 19"

M-"well Alyssa is 19 she can find it out for you"

A-"I don't know guys"

E-"please Alyssa you are the only one who can"

M-"come one Alyssa"

A-"fine I will ask"

E-M- "thanks Alyssa" Emma and Maddy said


Alyssa went over to the desk and she said nice and calmly


A-"do you know my friends real name"

"Who old are you??" The girl said

A-"i am 19"

"I need to see some ID" the girl said



Alyssa pulled out her wallet and took out her driver license and gave it to the desk lady


A-"here it is"

"Okay come in back with me" the girl said

A-" Emma and Maddy stay here I will be back"


Alyssa went in the back with the lady,about ten mins later Alyssa cam back out with a folder. Alyssa said to the girls let's go. Maddy and Emma followed behind Alyssa to the car. When the girls got in the car Alyssa gave Emma the folder.


A-"open it"

E-"I can't I am scared"

M-" fine I will"


Maddy took the folder from Emma and opened it, Maddy was reading it for 5 mins the she opened her mouth.


M-"your last name is shit head"

E-"stop joking what is it"

M-"your last name is Styles

A-"that is a fucked up name"

E-"thanks Alyssa"


M-"guys can we got home so I can read it better"

A-E-" ya let's go" Emma and Alyssa said



When the girls got home they went into the living room and sat on the couch. Alyssa was reading the folder when she saw where Emma was from.


A-" hey Emma I know here you are from"


M-"just tell her Alyssa"

A-"fine you are from London, England"

E-"WHAT we have to leave Canada"

M-"well we are going to have save some money to go then"

A-"Maddy is right"

E-"ya I guess"

M-"hey guys it is getting late we should go to bed"

A-E-"ya I guess" Emma and Alyssa said



They girls went to bed but Emma couldn't fall asleep she couldn't believe that she was from London, England. Emma went on her cell phone and searched up London ,England is said it was a good place to live, there was really good shopping and nice people there and the most thing that popped up was that one direction lived there. Emma hated one direction, Maddy liked them a little but Alyssa loved them she thought Harry was the cutest thing ever. Emma had enough for one night she put her phone away and Lie down and went to sleep.



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