Shadows of my Sister

Elizabeth Calder has always been in the shadows of her older sister Eleanor Calder he parents don't notice her. What happens when she goes to live with Eleanor for the summer and at the same time Louis and the boys are staying with Eleanor?
What happens when a certain curly haired boy starts having feelings?


3. Seeing my sister and one direction?


Well it took a while but my parents dropped me off and left, well I feel loved (note the sarcasm) I grabbed my bags and knocked on the front door soon enough Louis Tomlinson opened the door? Well that's new he asked " are you Elizabeth?" I nodded he smiled and pulled me into a hug. Um this is getting stranger and stranger by the minute he said " well hello I'm Louis Tomlinson your sisters boyfriend and Eleanor went out to get some groceries she should be back soon" ok that makes seance sort of he helped me with my bags and took them up to my room and yes I have a room here. I decided to unpack later we both headed down stairs and there were the rest of one direction? Harry was chasing Liam with a spoon and Zayn was trying to get the spoon from Harry well things just got weird again. Just then the front door opened and in came Eleanor she didn't notice me but she went to the kitchen and she screamed and came running out screaming " IZZY!!!!!!!!!" I laughed and she ran and hugged me I hugged back and she mumbled " I missed you little sis " I replied " I missed you too sis " Harry was still chasing Liam with a spoon so I waited till he came around again and snatched the spoon out of his hand Louis said " ha Harry you got defeated by a 14 year old little girl " Harry looked at me and smiled Liam came up to me and yelled " THANK YOU " he hugged me but he screamed and jumped like 10 ft in the air when I said " um Liam I'm still holding the spoon " it was getting late so Eleanor said " how about we get to know each other tomorrow it's getting late oh and izzy your sharing a room with Harry there wasn't enough room so we put him with you and Harry no funny business she's still 14" Harry chuckled and said " don't worry I won't " she smiled and we went our separate ways I grabbed pjs and went to the bathroom I changed and came out to see Harry in sweat pants I ignored him and climbed into bed shortly after he followed my actions he said " good night Elizabeth " I replied " good night Harry " I slowly drifted to sleep after that

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