Shadows of my Sister

Elizabeth Calder has always been in the shadows of her older sister Eleanor Calder he parents don't notice her. What happens when she goes to live with Eleanor for the summer and at the same time Louis and the boys are staying with Eleanor?
What happens when a certain curly haired boy starts having feelings?


2. leaving

Elizabeth's (p.o.v.)

I grabbed a handful of clothes and stuffed them in my suitcase I grabbed my converse flats wedges and vans and put them in a bother suit case I also put my bathing suit in my clothing suit case I grabbed my iPhone iPad and my beats and put them in a backpack and finally I was done I picked up the duvet and crawled into my bed I slowly drifted to sleep

**Next morning**

I woke up to my mum shaking me and telling me it's time to leave I got up put on some sweats and a hoodie and put on my vans it's a long ride to my sisters house I walked out the door and my mum and dad were already waiting for me. I hopped in the car and we were off I hope Eleanor actually sees me as me and not force me to be someone I'm not.

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