Shadows of my Sister

Elizabeth Calder has always been in the shadows of her older sister Eleanor Calder he parents don't notice her. What happens when she goes to live with Eleanor for the summer and at the same time Louis and the boys are staying with Eleanor?
What happens when a certain curly haired boy starts having feelings?


1. Hello world

Hello my name is Elizabeth Elise Calder um Im an outsider no body really notices me I have an older sister her name is Eleanor Calder I'm 14 almost 15 on February 18th I love to play the guitar and sing and piano I love the color green um I'm really shy and I'm going to go live with my sister for the summer in London I actually live in the outskirts of London but my parents said it would be a good idea to go visit my sister for the summer so ya we'll got to go I leave tomorrow morning and I'm still not packed we'll bye

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