Shadows of my Sister

Elizabeth Calder has always been in the shadows of her older sister Eleanor Calder he parents don't notice her. What happens when she goes to live with Eleanor for the summer and at the same time Louis and the boys are staying with Eleanor?
What happens when a certain curly haired boy starts having feelings?


4. Harry pranked Zayn?

Elizabeth's (p.o.v.)

I woke up and two strong arms were wrapped around me I looked and Harry was holding on to me I tried getting out but he was too strong I gently shook him but he didn't budge I shacked him and he started to wake up his eyes fluttered open and he realized that he was holding on to me he released and his face was starting to get red I chuckled and got out of bed I opened the door and skipped in the kitchen Louis and Liam and Niall were already there I opened the fridge and grabbed the orange juice and I grabbed a chair and moved it to the cabinet I climbed on the chair and grabbed one of the cups I hopped of and moved the chair back to the table Louis said " you know you could of asked one of us to help you instead of having to climb on a chair " I shrugged and took a sip of my juice I asked very shyly " we're El " Louis replied " she's still asleep why " I said " just wondering " he nodded and it was very awkward then we heard Zayn yell " HARRY EDWARD STYLES IM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!!! " then we saw Harry running with a bucket and Zayn chasing him but Zayn was completely soaked head to toe in water. Then Eleanor came in asking " what's all the commotion about " then her eyes got wide when she saw the boys trying to catch Zayn and Zayn head to toe wet and Harry running for his dear life. And well me just sitting here watching all of the ruckus. She came over to me and said " and this is what my life is now " I giggled and she smiled she asked me " so how is school " this is the question that I've tried to get the subject off I said with a fake smile " good, good " she smiled oh of only she new the truth.

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