Shadows of my Sister

Elizabeth Calder has always been in the shadows of her older sister Eleanor Calder he parents don't notice her. What happens when she goes to live with Eleanor for the summer and at the same time Louis and the boys are staying with Eleanor?
What happens when a certain curly haired boy starts having feelings?


6. beach day and oh no James

Harry's (p.o.v.)

I woke up to the light shining in my eyes I slowly got out of bed making sure I don't wake up Izzy I went into the kitchen and Eleanor and Louis were in there I grabbed a juice box from the fridge and sat down on a stool I wonder who is James I heard izzy say last night " James please don't your 16 I'm 14" I wonder what's going on I was so into thought I didn't notice Eleanor was talking to me I asked " what " she repeated " where going to the beach can you please go wake up izzy " I nodded I threw my trash away and headed to wake up izzy I changed into my swim trunks and I shook izzy her eyes fluttered open and a pair of chocolate brown eyes stared back at me I said " it's time to get up love and change were going to go to the beach" she nodded and slowly dragged her self to the closet

Elizabeth's (p.o.v.)

I looked threw my closet and grabbed my flower print one piece bathing suit my parents and Eleanor don't want me to have a bikini and I'm ok with that because I have bruises and cuts from James. Well I grabbed my shorts and flower print crop top and slipped them on then I brushed my hair and teeth ect. I slipped on my sandals and bolted down stairs but I ran straight into a rock I looked up and it was Niall he said " I'm so sorry Izzy " I nodded and said " no it's my fault I shouldn't of ran down stairs " I slid behind him and and plopped on the couch next to Zayn after about a few minutes of annoying Zayn and putting stuff in the car we were all at the beach. Me and Harry pushed past everyone and I think Zayn slapped Harry but Harry said " Izzy race you to the water " I nodded and stripped from my shirt, shorts and shoes and bolted to the water but of course Harry was already there. He did a little happy dance but Zayn was behind me and handed me a bucket full of seaweed if slid behind Harry and dumped the sea plant all over Harry he screamed and jumped like ten ft in the air me and Zayn started laughing our heads of but Harry grabbed me and threw me in the eyre I swam back but I heard the one person call my name that I didn't want to hear James. James came over to me and slung his arm over my shoulder I faked a smile and Zayn asked " who are you " James replied with a smile " I'm James Elizabeth's boyfriend"

Harry's (p.o.v.)

I just died of sadness my heart got ripped out of my chest ;(

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