Sherlock meets Dr.Who after many days of studying his appearances in England


1. Who are you?

For Sherlock, day after day he was trying to find out who was this Dr.Who? "Sherlock, sir there has been a spoting." Watson told Sherlock "When? Where? And WHO?" Sherlock replyed "Look out the window..." "The sounds the one the Tardis makes he is here Watson stay here!" Sherlock grabed his coat and ran out the door. "Don't go please don't" Sherlock cried out The 11th doctor steps out "Hello and how may I help you?" "It's y-o-u ple-ase don't h-u-r-t -me..." Sherlock shuddered "I won't please come inside Sherlock." Who said "How do you know my name?" "you are quite famous Sherlock Holmes." "Well umm whats yours!" Sherlock demanded "Who Dr.Who" Who said with a grin "what time and or place you want to go to, Sherlock." Who asked "How do I know this isn't a trick.. Mr.Who." "It's Dr.Who, and get ready to see Queen Elizabeth the first my wife!"

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